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GeekNights 070213 - Thurn and Taxis

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Tonight on GeekNights we review the hot new board game Thurn and Taxis. We also discuss the latest games to hit the Virtual Console as well as the current rumors about the fourth edition of Dungeons and Dragons.

Scott’s Thing - Player Saxaphone
Rym’s Thing - Horntones


  • pretty sure you did at least a lot of the ubercon drive home discussion in the ubercon episode, 364 days ago.
  • Currently, DC area roads are bad (one inch of ice covered by one to two inches of snow). The surface streets have largely gone untouched by road crews as it seems like they've focused on clearing the major highways first. The snow and ice is supposed to taper off by this evening and Thursday is supposed to be clear but cold, so they should be able to get the roads cleaned up by Thursday evening when people start arriving for Katsucon.
  • I remember playing (and beating) Kid Icaraus when I was a teenager!

    I don't remember much about the game but I do remember beating it. I will probably buy it on the VC because I loved the game.

    No, I never used any cheats to beat it 'cause I didn't have any internets when I played it.
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    Sweet evil Jesus! Stupid fricking global warming conspiracy. I've got three feet of snow in my driveway. At least I've got my GeekNights to amuse me while I become a human snowblower. And yes, that is a six-foot wall of snow behind me, separating my driveway from my neighbor's. Good luck, Scrym, it's all coming your way.

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  • It's the worst yet for us this year, but nowhere near Rochester levels. I don't think Katsucon will be a problem. You will not though that Rym did not go to work today. Haha! Also, we don't shovel. Our landlord pays some guys to do it for us.
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    We are supposed to get between 16 and 26 inches of snow by Thursday morning. Since I don't live up in the hills, I suspect I'll get towards the lower end of that.

    Here is a webcam not too far from me (by Vermont standards).
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  • Anyone else notice today's podcast was the exact same length as yesterday's?
  • I wore shorts and a T-shirt yesterday.
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    Lucky bastards getting snow. The closest I've come to snow is slush.
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  • I went to school in Syracuse, I've seen enough snow for a lifetime.

    And yet I look out the window and there it is!
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    I don't know about you Apreche but, over here in CT it is perfect sledding/skiing snow on the ground.

    It's real hard and crusty!
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  • There was a sequel to Kid Icarus. It was for the original GameBoy.

  • Yeah, it was 60 in Atlanta yesterday. Today it's gotten "cold." In Southern terms, that translates to about 35-40.
  • Yeah, it was 60 in Atlanta yesterday. Today it's gotten "cold." In Southern terms, that translates to about 35-40.
    It was so windy today! I was really upset I had to wear a sweatshirt.
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    Good episode guys.

    I really enjoyed Ice Climbed by the way. I find that co-op or 2 player games are more worth it on the VC simply because its more uncomfortable to squeeze two people around a computer. But Ive played it too much to buy it.

    Also I just wanted to point out the German way of pronouncing some of board game names and terms.

    Andreas Seyfarth is An-dray-us Say-farth
    Rio Grande is Rio Gran-day
    Thurn and Taxis is Turn and Taxis
    Spiel des Jahres is Spiel des Jarh-res

    So in the future for german words- you pronouce all the syllables so Jahres isn't Jahrs but Jah-res

    Also Puerto Rico didnt win the Spiel des Jahres, it was just a finalist - in 2002 it was won by a game called Villa Paletti.
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    Yeah, it was 60 in Atlanta yesterday. Today it's gotten "cold." In Southern terms, that translates to about 35-40.
    It was so windy today! I was really upset I had to wear a sweatshirt.
    Back in 1994 in my hometown in upstate New York, it hit -48 F with no wind chill.

    You people don't know what cold is.

    Also, Albany has a shitfuckton of snow. Actually, it's only like 2 feet, but it fell really quickly. I helped dig out two total strangers today, too; let me tell you, snow is a bitch.
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  • Can you melt some of that snow and send it over here please? My plants are dying. Tell me how cold it is over the weekend, it will be 40C here.
  • Heh...I am stuck at my Apt outside Troy NY because the complex driveway is on a steep hill and they haven't gotten it plowed/salted well enough to let anybody get up it (they are trying though).
  • My plants are dying.

    Hear that - my roses are requiring some serious care and attention.
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    Back in 1994 in my hometown in upstate New York, it hit -48 F with no wind chill.
    That was a really weird localized freaky thing due mostly to radiational cooling. Burlington, well to the north, only hit -29 that night. The average winter low temperature in Crown Point is 14.5 degrees. In my town it's 6.4 degrees. However, our all-time record low is -43.
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    To bring this thread back to the show topic...
    Thurn & Taxis retails for $33, so it sounds like the Compleat Strategist charges retail. I suppose you can't complain about this since it's in New York City.
    I often buy games valued less than $30 at local stores, since the shipping charges pretty much eat up online savings. (I only order one game at a time.) For a game such as Desecent: Journeys Into Dark, I'll always use an online retailer. You can get it for $30 less than retail before shipping.

    Oddly enough, it was more expensive for you to go to the store and buy the game. Compleat Strategist offers free shipping on orders over $25. Thurn and Taxis is $28.01 on their website, which is less than the "thirty something" you paid by going to the store.

    Have you guys played Descent: Journeys Into Dark? It's up there on my want list.

    Is this the New York store?
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  • Back in 1994 in my hometown in upstate New York, it hit -48 F with no wind chill.
    The average winter low temperature in Crown Point is14.5 degrees.
    That's Crown Point, Indiana. I'm from Crown Point, New York, where the average winter low is 5.7 degrees. However, very cold days of -20 or so are quite common.
  • Woops! You guys are cold!
  • Just popped in to say I really enjoyed the Thurn & Taxis review. Actually, your boardgame reviews have all been pretty well done....Keep up the good work! :)

    Oh yeah, almost forgot: I bought Oltre Mare almost completely because of the comments you guys have made about it. It freaking rocks! Awesome game. Thanks for the recommendation.
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    My girlfriend and I bought Thurn and Taxis a few weeks ago on a recommendation from a friend who said it was a good two player game. We wanted game to play while on our big summer holiday/tour. We've really enjoyed playing it so I went back and listened to your views on it.

    First, you pronounce "Thurn" as "Turn".

    Second, it is a really good game!

    Third, Pola and I felt like we were playing a bit too much against the board instead of each other for a while. It seemed like there were only a few times each game that we could influence what the other person could do without it being to negative for yourself. Too much like darts, not enough like snooker.

    Forth, after 10 games or so we decided to change it a bit to make it easier to screw the other player. Instead of putting out the top two score tiles for each achievement we put out the highest and lowest tiles. This means the first to get all Bavaria gets 5 points and the second gets 2 points. We've only played it a few times like this and it plays like a completely different game... like a 4 player game we guess, but so far we've only played it two players.

    Fifth, the route we have taken on our summer tour can be traced on the map, which has been really good fun. We were on holiday in the Czech Republic and stopped in Pilsen. We drove across to perform at a festival in Bamberg, then drove south via Nurnburg to spend some time in a national park near Ingolstadt. From there we drove to Augsburg for another festival. Then we visited friends in Switzerland for a week, mainly in and around Zurich. From there we drove north via Stuttgart and I'm typing this now at the European Juggling Convention in Karlsruhe. We passed near Sigmaringen and Kempten, but I can't really say we could put houses there.
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