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Studio Bloom, who are doing that, are the people who are doing the voice recording for the Haruhi English dub. So reviewing Haruhi seems like it might just be an advertising thing rather then a real podcast.


  • I watch every episode to Anime TV. It's ok show. I don't like Kaiji all that much on the show. The only problem is that after the 4 episode he stop wearing shoes and you can see his feet. I mean I know they have look like their relaxing in living room type setting. Even though it’s in a film studio and all, but that a little to much for my taste. I think it would funnier if they had Rym and Scott on the show. I don't know if they edit the hell of what they would like to say thought and just keep them on a script. The best part of the show is at the end were their interviewing people around comic book shops, cons and asking them what is your favorite anime. That's really cool in my book that they do that. I also would like if they did the episode in about weeks time or dose in happen over a couple of months.
  • I watch this week show to Anime TV and at the end of the show their talked about Gravitation. That was shock for me. I didn't think a show like Anime TV would talk about anime that has Yaoi in it.
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