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Wednesday Contest: Worst Anime You've Ever Seen

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We all know that MD Geist is the second worst anime ever created. Tell us what the worst is. Tell us in detail. Make us relive the terror, anger, and frustration you felt watching it. Make us taste the blood in our mouths as we try to bite off our tongues if only to shorten the agony.

Due Date:
Tuesday, March 20th 2007

Submission Method:
Via email
Text or Audio

In order to qualify, your worst anime must exist.

The Original Soundtrack to MD Geist

Prize disbursement is at the sole discretion of the hosts of GeekNights, Rym and Scott. Conditions for winning subject to change at any time for any reason. Enter at your own risk. Prize's estimated value is $0. Odds of winning depend entirely on number of entries received.


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    The worst anime I have ever seen (I couldn't have said this 2 months ago because I hadn't seen it at that point) is undoubtedly in my mind Odin: Starlight Mutiny . I found it because I heard AWO's (Daryl's) review of it and I thought "No, this couldn't have been the worst anime ever, I've seen MD Geist 2 ON VHS no less" So I scoured the internet looking for this... because I wasn't going to spend money on it if it happened to actually be the worst anime ever, and finally found it but it was the edited dubbed version only, which AWO said wasn't "as" bad as the full version, but it was the only thing so I thought why not. It took over 4 days to dl through bittorrent because someone on dial-up must have been seeding I swear >.< I watched it, sort of... I fell asleep 5 times... 5 TIMES. I cannot even describe how bad this anime is, although if you want to hear it ripped to shreds better than I think anyone can, listen to Daryl, Clarissa, and Gerald rip this show a new one for almost 40 minutes, more eloquently than I ever could.
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  • Marriage. Total poop right there.
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    I think the problem with choosing Odin for this is, you have to compare to AWO's review, which is definitely not easy to do.
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    Worst Christmas present ever. You think it's about samurai, ... but it's about pedophile samurai with, like, no story development. I didn't read anything about it before I watched it, but I gave it a lot of episodes to go somewhere, ... and nothing really happened for the most part.
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  • It seems I have returned at the correct time.
  • It seems I have returned at the correct time.
    Smiles all around.
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    Oh, you have come at the right time indeed.
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  • Oh,you have come at the right time indeed.
    You do realize that repeated poor grammar and spelling are grounds for banning, right? Mr. Period won't continually edit your posts forever: he'll simply ban you.
  • To be honest, the worst anime I have (recently) seen has to be SteamBoy.

    I really wanted to like that movie but I found it boring, very boring. It was so boring I fell asleep during parts of it and had to rewind to see if I missed anything interesting...

    Later that night I even apologized to my wife for making her watch it with me.
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    Babel II
    Mad Bull 34

    Media Blasters and Manga Entertainment has some horrible crap back in the day.
    edit: Central Park Media also has a ton of terrible shows but none offended be enough to make this list -__-
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    'Nuff said.

    It's a movie, based on a manga series, that pulls chapters, seemingly at random, from the original source, and leaves you wondering what the fuck just happened. It made little to no sense, and I had to watch the first 3 Ranma dub vhs's all the way through, TWICE, just so the suicidal feelings would go away.

    Akira sucks hermaphroditic donkey testicles.

    Also, I noticed during the mid-90's, lots of people would claim to be "japanese animation" or "japanaimation" fans, and the only three anime's they could name were Akira, and two of the following: Tank Police, Robot Carnival, Lensman, or Vampire Hunter D. And they only knew of those because of anime on Sci-Fi. Akira was an enabler for many posers.
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    Looks like I missed the contest . . .

    Ah well, I might as well throw my chump change in.

    My picks would be:
    Kiddy Grade - It's completely idiotic, takes itself too seriously, has some of the worst costume designs ever, makes no sense plot-wise, and features a moe girl prancing around while drinkin' wine.
    Jing: King of Bandit (That's seriously how they spell it. I dunno where that "s" went) - Lame fanservice (Yes, it gets lamer than just plain fanservice) and a disastrous ending render this adaptation of a decent manga worthless.
    .hack//SIGN - I don't know about you, but this one proved to be tedious to watch and even more painful to figure out.
    The Third Season of Rurouni Kenshin - When the only villains you have are a Christian swordsman who thinks he's Jesus, a fencing politician, a guy on a horse that climbs stairs, and Feng Shui masters, you know there's a problem.
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  • I didn't participate either, but I have to say .hack//SIGN - I don't even have to list the reasons why.

    What's worse is that I BOUGHT the entire series in mint-condition from Amazon for around $45.00 after being semi-impressed with the $35.00 .hack//LEGEND OF THE TWILIGHT set (the twelve episode series following the .hack PS2 games that I bought on impulse from Suncoast). But yeah, Sign sucked and made my ears fall asleep and my eyes hurt.
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    So..what won the contest? I can't ever recall seeing anything anywhere about it
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  • So..what won the contest? I can't ever recall seeing anything anywhere about it
    They said all the entries were so lame, they just got rid of the contest.
  • oh, my bad, sorry
  • So..what won the contest? I can't ever recall seeing anything anywhere about it
    They said all the entries were so lame, they just got rid of the contest.
    Than why is it still stickied?
  • I went back and listened to the episode where we announced the contest. For those of you playing at home, it was episode 070228. I remember now that this contest is all Rym. He can decide what to do about it. I will perhaps force him to pick a winner on tonight's episode.
  • I had decided long ago not to award a prize, as I wasn't particulary impressed by any of the entries.
  • I had decided long ago not to award a prize, as I wasn't particulary impressed by any of the entries.
    Those must have been some bad entries not to be worth the M.D: Geist soundtrack.
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