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GeekNights 070321 - Here is Greenwood

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Tonight on GeekNights, we review some classic anime with Here is Greenwood. In the news Freedom (Cup Noodle) gets a simultaneous release, CPM runs afoul of Libre, and there's going to be a Dragon Ball MMO.

Scott's Thing - Jujitsu
Rym's Thing - Mario Anime Opening


  • The idea of a Dragon Ball Z MMO is retarded. There are only so many characters that could be in it, and judging by the pictures, the extent of customization is clothing color and hair color. How the fuck is this game going to work with millions of Gokus that all look similar running around!?
  • I don't know, I think it'll be pretty easy. They'll do it the same way they did Star Wars Galaxies. You have a certain number of races and various fighting types. They basically run around fighting each other. In an MMO based on a property you don't have to play the main characters - in fact, that doesn't make any sense at all.

    Also I would like to mention, a company is making a Fist of the North Star MMO.
  • Why the hell is Lugi walking around with a candle when there are fucking LIGHTS ON IN THE HOUSE! Damn...he's a arsonist. Who knew?!?!
  • I haven't yet listened to the episode, but I looked at the Mario anime link, and then found the movie raw on Youtube. Does anyone know if it's been subbed, or is this answered in the show?
  • I found that literally three minutes before we did the show, and went in with pretty-much zero information or research. ^_~
  • I looked up that Freedom OAV, and according to ANN there are only 6 episodes, so that means that each $40 DVD is only one episode. Which makes it the dumbest DVD release idea ever.
  • Damn...he's a arsonist. Who knew?!?!
    Addicted to Fire Flowers...
  • I've found GeekNights when googling Scott Pilgrim... From the show it sounding as if the 2 had a similar wacky yet mundane feel to it... Is Greenwood similar to SP?
  • On paper, I think Scott Pilgrim is a lot like Here is Greenwood. However, I get totally different feelings from each one. I guess that adds up to them being a little bit alike, but not much. Good question.
  • I like Dragonball , but even I have my limits.

    If it is popular in Japan we might get it by 2009-2010. Then all the fanboys from 1999 would be at least 10 years older, so maybe 23-27 years old, so I doubt they would play it. Also, like most MMOs out there you can't be the main character (ex: NEO from the matrix or Dark Vader on Galaxies). I wonder is the main task would be to find the 7 dragonballs and then ask for a virtual wish.
    The only thing that would save it in my opinion would be real time fighting, and even that who long would it take you to do a kamehameha (if memory serves well Roshi had to practice for 50 years). So I am not hoping for much at this moment.

    Finally I really, really hope that Japan does not release an Inuyasha MMORPG.
  • Also I would like to mention, a company is making a Fist of the North Star MMO.
    Hey, that's completely different. Hokuto no Ken owns your family.
  • I don't know a Dragonball MMO could be cool, I mean at least its something different. You never know, they could end up coming up with some really cool battle system or quest system that will make it worth playing.
  • It pains me to no end that the Dragonball franchise has churned out so many lackluster games from such a juvenile concept. I can't stand Dragonball. It seems to be the lowest common denominator for anime. It's like the Smurfs in the realm of US cartoons -- you have fond memories of watching it as a child, until you see a rerun and realize it's fucking ridiculous and bad on so, so, so many levels.
  • Muay Thai is the martial art that fascinates me the most right now. I'd describe it as hitting your opponent with all the sharp and hard parts of your body with extreme force. It makes me cringe just seeing it. It's a morbid fascination really. I'll get Here is Greenwood though I hope it doesn't make me cry too much. A lot of things have been making me feel nostalgic lately. Whenever I think of Dragonball or Dragonball Z, I think of Sailormoon. There was a competition set up, perhaps inadvertently, between girls and boys simply because they showed back to back on the older Toonami, and the main characters were male and female respectively. There was always the inevitable conversation, or argument, of who would win in a fight, a sailor senshi or saiyajins. I still know who I think would win... but that's the past now isn't it.
  • Here is Greenwood is a fun little show as long as you can ignore the gay undertones
  • Here is Greenwood is a fun little show as long as you can ignore the gay undertones
    Read the manga, there is actual gayness going on, but not where you think!
  • Whenever I tried to watch Dragonball it was just a bunch of guys standing on pillars looking at each other while "focusing" their energy. That was the whole episode. was there more to the show than that?
  • Dragonball, the original stuff where Goku is young, is much better as it generally does not take itself too seriously. DBZ is more bout the melodrama and honor and manliness and can you top this. It's far from great but I don't think any other shonen show pulls it off quite as well. It and other shows that got really hot here, like Ninja Scroll, really do tell us a lot about what the average American likes: lots of violence without a whole lot of logic in the way, and hey, sex(even if it's out and out rape, it seems) never hurts. I've always wanted to write an essay or something about that.
  • Dragonball, the original stuff where Goku is young, is much better
    That's the only one where I can watch it and actually sorta enjoy it.
  • Ok, as a Dragonball fan I have to say that the manga is much better than the anime?
    Anyhow, I must say that after watching Dragonball in both spanish and english I can say with a lot of confidence that the whole story of Dragonball and Dragonball Z can be summed in about 65 episodes. And now I am sad to say that the other 150 episodes are just charging chi attacks, fighting Garlick Jr. , fighting in the other world and Goku getting his driver's license.
    Nevertheless, I still love my Dragonball, but I am not playing the MMORPG :(
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