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I'm coming out of the lurking depths. w00t.

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Hey, guys, I've been listening to this podcast since Scott posted something about it on his blog. I was looking at a friend's AIM profile and he linked to his own website. That website linked to At that time, Scott had posted his post about this podcast. I quickly downloaded the first episode I saw and loved it.

Ok, on to what I think of the podcast. Now, I don't have an iPod, so I'm not very familiar with podcasts other than this one. I loved your episode about Linux (Window managers, I believe it was called), being a recent Linux convert myself. However, I never got into Anime and still haven't, so I listened to the beginning of those pocasts then just turned it off and did other stuff. Same thing with board games. However, that's not to say I wouldn't like them if I tried them. Wow, that sentence came out bad, lemme try that again. I might like them if I tried them. There.

Ok, I'm done for now.



  • I had the opposite reaction to the Linux episodes. Some of the tech stuff got too techy for even me, and I went to RIT like they did.
  • I on the other hand being the Renaissance man that I am, and good friends with both Rym and Scott, they both could be taking about fashion and I'd still listen attentively wishing that i could add my 2 cents. Plus being that the last year or so I've been deprived of tech I'm always interested in what i've been missing.

    Truely though Rym and Rubin should talk more about Biotech issues so Pete and I can mention when they say something stupid ^_^ like when I say I still use IE ^_^ haha.
  • That's cool you liked the window manager episode, that's our least popular episode I think. Glad you turned off the podcast and only listened to the part you were interested in. We put different geekeries on different days just for that purpose. But I still encourage you to try out anime and other things we talk about. There are reasons lots of geeks who like X also like Y.

    Scojo, if you want a biotech episode come up with a topic for us to discuss. We tend to do podcasts based on what we know, what we like and what we are good at. A show where we just make educated guesses and hypotheses about stuff we know nothing about shouldn't be that exciting.
  • I like the idea of an episode discussing some biotech matters; if ScoJo ever gets his ass up here, maybe he and I could figure something out, visit the two of you and we could do a podcast about it.

    I do think the two of you should discuss the sciences a bit more, even though it's not exactly your area of expertise; you can discuss it from the standpoint of the intelligent layman, and you wouldn't have to get too detailed. ScoJo and I could jump on board for some more in-depth bio-type discussions.
  • See Scott you can have a meta conversation about a aspect of science or you can discuss the ramifications of Science as in the Ethics which then you don't have to know alot about the unperpinnings to discuss it and if you do make a mistake it will be even more funny to comment on it.

    haha. yea, I could see me foundering over scienctific words on a podcast that would be wonderful. haha. better to bring one of my borderline creationist friends up and interview them about it ^_^ haha. that would be comic gold.
  • Yeah, if we could get a creationist on the show it would be great. We'd treat them like a rare species found in the rainforest on one of those nature shows. Hilarious.
  • If by "interview" a creationist, you mean "beat them over the head with the 2x4 of enlightenment," I'm all for that.

    Actually, if you can find someone that's not a total dumbass about it, we could have a good solid discussion about it.
  • "Actually, if you can find someone that's not a total dumbass about it, we could have a good solid discussion about it."

    I think what you've suggested is an impossibility.
  • Well, Rudi, for example, is an ID proponent, and he's not a TOTAL idiot about the whole creationism thing.

    I've met perhaps a handful of people in my life who say they believe the universe was created by God, but that organisms evolve in accordance with modern evolutionary theory, because they recognize that the two are not mutually exclusive.

    These people are, however, incredibly rare. Most creationist are Pat Robertson or the like, and deserve only a sound beating.
  • yea Jeff Merkel (Rym's met him) is well read and intelligent about it as well)

    that's two out of the whole world ^_^
  • The top student in my biology class is a creationist.

    On the content of the podcast, I listen to them all even when it's stuff I might be a little unfamiliar with because it's usually all very well explained, though I don't know whether that's intentional or whether I'm just about as ignorant as Scott and Rym in their respective areas-that-need-to-be-explained.
  • Weird that I feel like I'm not being informative enough, but others say I am. I'll have to actually listen to a few more of the podcasts to make an accurate determination. I listen to so many others that I don't have a lot of time to listen to my own.
  • *sings, to the Itchy and Scratchy theme* It's the Pete and ScoJo Show!!
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