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Formula De

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Now that Asmodee has reprinted Formula De - is the Front Row Crew going to purchase a copy? After all, you guys claim to be F-1 fans.

I really want to order a copy for myself. However, I really don't need another game to add to the "wife won't play it" pile. ;-) The playing time is also a little concerning. One lap races aren't too bad time-wise, but two lap races are more fun.


  • I've always wanted to play this game, but I am concerned that racing is a genre of board game that I will not like. This is a game I have to play before I'm willing to pay for it.
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    You are in luck, for I have a copy!

    It's only 30 miles...
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  • Steve,

    How long does a two lap game take?
  • Steve,

    How long does a two lap game take?
    It depends on the number of players. A four car game takes us a maximum of 1/2 hour per lap, but we goof off while we game.
  • That's actually not as bad as I thought. I was thinking that it was more like 1 hour per lap.
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