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Your Favorite Disney Movie

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Just an interesting topic that came up recently in school this week: What is/was your favorite Disney movie growing up?

I've always been personal for Sword in the Stone animated. and Bedknobs and Broomsticks for live action.


  • When I was young The Little Mermaid and Peter Pan hands down. :-D
  • Dumbo is #1. Aladdin is #2.
  • When I was little, The Lion King was at the top. Tied for second was The Sword in the Stone and Robin Hood.
  • I have always had a fondness for the Lion King and Aladdin, they were the only 2 I owned on video. They were copies of pirated versions from Thailand or somewhere, back when a pirated video was when people brought video cameras into the cinemas. They were horrible quality and then I watched them until they were actually unwatchable, and even then I kept watching them.
  • Lilo & Stitch, Aladdin, Fantasia
  • I'd have to say "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea," "Pinochio" and "Fantasia." In it's day, "Leagues" was awesome.
  • Oh shits! Fantasia.
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    Wasn't "The Black Hole" technically a Disney movie? It's hardly my favorite movie, but it would probably be my favorite Disney movie.
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    I loved Aladdin, it had Gilbert Gottfried as a wise-cracking parrot! I didn't even mind Aladdin 2: the Return of Jaffar because the parrot had a more important role :P
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  • Fantasia.
  • Song of the South.

  • Robin Hood was by far my favorite, I really need to get that DVD. I also liked Sword in the Stone, I do own that one. Other than that, I can largely do without, I loved their late 80s/early 90s TV stuff though. Darkwing Duck actually ending up on DVD blew my mind.
  • Song of the South.
    That's what I was going to say. It is probably Fantasia though.
  • Pinocchio, I thought the character design was so cute as a kid...
  • Beauty and the Beast. Completely.

    But then I'm a romantic at heart. I'd say that Aladdin runs a close second. Mostly for Robin Williams.
  • In all seriousness, I verymuch liked Lady and the Tramp.
  • I like almost all of the old Disney movies but my favorite ones were definetly Peter Pan and Aladdin.
  • The Black Cauldron was my favorite. Quite different from the book, but good nonetheless :3 It's tied with Robin Hood (omg foxes!), which is probably the cutest motherfucking movie ever. Next on the list are The Sword in the Stone and Sleeping Beauty. Totally the Golden Age of Disney, IMHO.

    Ahhh.... I want to go watch all of these again now!
  • I’m rather fond of Aladdin, great musical numbers and Jasmine is, in my opinion, the only Disney princess worth her weight. I also watched the TV series religiously. I think I may have had a crush on that pale necromancer guy with the skeleton hand.
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    I’m rather fond of Aladdin, great musical numbers and Jasmine is, in my opinion, the only Disney princess worth her weight. I also watched the TV series religiously. I think I may have had a crush on that pale necromancer guy with the skeleton hand.
    Mozenrath!!!! I loved him. I had a crush on Jonathan Brandis from Seaquest DSV and he was the voice of Mozenrath which I didn't know until recently. I couldn't believe Brandis killed himself.

    And hey, what about Ariel? No one's giving The Little Mermaid any love. :-( That movie made me cry a few years ago and I'd seen it probably a million times. "Part of your world" is so touching and I love love love the "Kiss da gal" sequence. I'm a sappy sappy romantic.

    As for Peter Pan, I had an obsession with flying and secret worlds. Superman and Peter Pan together. I also love the musical Peter Pan with Mary Martin as Peter.
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  • I had a crush on Jonathan Brandis from Seaquest DSV
    Hahaha I remember watching that show on T.V. It was quite...different.
  • Jonathan Brandis killed himself?? That's weird.

    I liked The Little Mermaid growing up, but as an adult the whole romance plot line bugs me a little. I also think the mer-sisters should have gotten more screen time. They had neat outfits :)
  • 1-Fantasia

    2-Peter Pan

    3-The Lion King
  • Oh, I totally forgot The Lion King! That's like my favorite one ever! Jeremy Irons was amazing, and the plot is great. Wow, I can't believe I forgot that.
  • At first, probably Aladdin. A little later on, it was Escape to Witch Mountain. Bedknobs and Broomsticks was definitely pretty great too.
  • A little later on, it was Escape to Witch Mountain
    That came on last night and Return to Witch Mountain right after.

    Pocahontas and The Lion King would be next on my list after The Little Mermaid and Peter Pan. Aladdin was cool as well.
  • Beauty and the Beast or The Emperor's New Groove, for completely different reasons. :D

    Fantasia is also awesomes. My sister and I used to watch it all the goddam time. She used to hide under a blanket for the last bit, though. ;p D'aaw.
  • Hands down Lilo and Stitch is my favorite. Chris Sanders is a crazy evil genius, and I am pissed as all hell that they yanked American Dog out from under him. It's a little more twisted than the typical Disney offering, but its "got a lotta heart" as one Disney employee put it. Other than that, I like Snow White a lot, and Lady and the Tramp has some of the most expressive dog characters ever animated and is up there in the Emi movie ranking. Beauty and the Beast is very atmospheric and I really like the Beast. I'd like Lion King a lot more if it wasn't such a Tezuka rip off and I had to listen to JTT whine. I like many of the DIsney films, and am looking forward to the Frog Princess, their next 2D feature, set during the Jazz Age in New Orleans. Has possibilities, except the list of talking animals in the casting list worries me. Until they get away from "Meet the Robinsons" type goo, however, I'll favor Pixar.

    You know, nobody gives the non-Disney Iron Giant enough credit. That is probably one of the most fantastic kids movies to come out in the past decade and the studio doomed it to suffer in obscurity though lack of publicity. Brad Bird Raaa-buuu!
  • The Emperor's New Groove
    If the question was funniest animated Disney movie, that movie would win hands-down.
    Lilo and Stitch is my favorite.
    The first time I saw Lilo and Stitch, I hated it. It was such a weird concept for a Disney movie. It's definitely grown on me, though.

    One that I forgot was Mulan. Two things that were great about that movie: Mushu and the training montage song.
  • I didn't think Emperor's New Groove was funny.
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