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Adult Swim's April's Fool ugh...

edited March 2007 in Anime
I like to watch Adult Swim on Cartoon Network. I've watched it since it began. Currently they are showing Bleach, Blood + (Trinity Blood ended a couple weeks ago), and Eureka Seven. It's a good fix of anime until I attain new subtitled anime by whatever means. I'm really peeved now. Instead of showing the usual or even the even the usual with burping sounds in the background as they did with Ghost in the Shell and others last year (which I barely managed to stomach), the programming is completely changed to 15 minute episodes of "Perfect Hair Forever" with "fan service" and other oddities in the commercials. Not to mention Perfect Hair Forever looks like a bad VHS that's been copied a couple hundred times.

I want Blood+ damnit.


  • I'm not a fan of Perfect Hair Forever, but I'm also not tied to watching my anime on Adult Swim either so I have to say I find it amusing what they are doing. I'm sure I wouldn't if there was something I really wanted to watch, like when they pulled the thing with the series finale of Big O. Now that was a horrible idea.
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