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Virtual tabletop Pen and Paper Rpg

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I've always wanted to play RPG games like Dungeon and Dragons. But for various reasons hadn't been able to. Online RPG games seemed the way to go but they either use message boards or IRC. Which leave much to be desired. I kept wondering if there was something better out there on the Internets. After doing some googling I found what appears to be a pretty kick ass program to run a tabletop game.

Fantasy Grounds

It's not free and it only runs on windows. It looks really awesome though.

There are two other ones, that look like they could get the job done and they are free. One is called OpenRPG and the other is PCGen.



Last one is link to a site that has a collection of tools to run an online rpg.

RPG Tools

Any DM's willing to try any of these out? I want in if any of these programs looking promising enough to run a game.


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    Ya know, you could even run games in a Vanilla forum. I know there's an add-on called Dice Roller for just this sort of thing.

    I've always had a nagging want to play D&D too. I should go to my school's Game Keepers club one day.
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