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If they were anime

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Don't know if anyone has seen this yet. Anyone else able to find other non-anime characters adapted to anime (besides strongbad ^_^ ) ? Post them here!!


  • I have seen the Peanuts anime version and the South Park anime version, but I can't find the links :( .
    I lose for the day.
  • I heard about this, apparently the girl who drew the manga Simpsons got some kind of a deal with the TV company to make a comic with them. That's pretty inspiring... If you get spotted by the right people you can make it over a night, even if all you have is a ruddy deviantart gallery.
  • Haha that's awesome! Hmm but that baldie is pretty hard to pull off still... Looks like he's got a feather growing out of his head. Kudos for trying though! :D
  • I have seen all those, but it just reminded me of a page from Nickelodeon Magazine from when I was younger with a bunch of characters from cartoons drawn as if they were real people. I'm gonna see if I can dig that out and scan it, because it's really sort of disturbing.
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