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help with Toracon

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Hey Hey

Can anyone help me gather reference images of anime characters?

I'm going to be judging Toracon Cosplay and I'll be needing some help gathering reference materials. There was no mention on the cosplay rules that the cosplayer should provide reference images. So I'm taking it upon myself to build a mini database of cosplay reference images.


  • Just bring a laptop to the judging table. Then search for every character on google images as they come up.
  • It'll be faster if i have a full body shot in a database. So I won't have to look all over google for a full body shot.
  • I searched around for a while, and there's no real comprehensive reference out there that I can find.

    I think the best bet is going to be having a laptop with a net connection and google. I found plenty of character reference pages, but only when I looked for specific characters.

    One option would be to have a gopher or judge's assistant sit there and pull up references for the judges while the cosplay itself is going on, saving the judges themselves time.

    Speaking of which, I should ask them if they want Scott Johnson and me to be judges again. ^_~
  • What do judges at other cosplays do? I can't believe that all of them know every character looks like.
  • Other COSplays ask that participants bring reference pictures. ;^) Methinks Tora-con forgot to do so, and now it's too late to demand or really expect it.

    I've also seen cosplay judges who bring little binders with common characters printed out in them, and most cons seem to have someone scouring the internet for shots.
  • Rym I like your idea of having a gopher looking it up ahead of time (like when people are waiting in line). I'll ask them about it.
  • Just talked to Dom, the cosplay coordinator, and he said I wouldn't be likely to get a gopher. He said that 'll he'll get back to me after he has spoken to the gopher head. So it looks like I'll be on my own looking for a volunteer.
  • I'm sure we can dig someone up ;^) If half as many club members remember me this year as did last year, I'm sure somone will toady up. =P
  • Cool cool. Thanks Rym.
  • It looks like Liz, the president of anime club, is going to help me.
  • Yeah, I talked to her last night. She said ScoJo and I will (tentatively, pending the approval of the great and powerful Dom) be judges again too. ^_^

    I asked some of the people I know from what they use for references, so maybe someone has something.
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    nice! thanks rym!
    It feels like even though we don't see much of club anymore, we still do alot for them. It feels nice to still have the connection.
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  • Aww.. I was just informed that they don't want me or ScoJo to be COSplay judges this year. Ah well. I'll still see about what character references I can dig up.
  • That sucks.
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