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What anime are you watching? v2.0

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Gainax has a new mecha series out called Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann. It's a very cartoony and over the top type of mecha show. Quite the opposite of Raxepheon, Eva or Gundam series. But fun to watch just the same. The core cast features Simon, Kamina and Yoko. Simon is your typical boy with a destiny and must find his way. Kamina is the guy with a burning passion for adventure. Yoko is pretty much eye candy with a big fucking gun. She still rocks though. The mecha is pretty weird. Not your typical slick giant robots that have the power of gods type stuff. So the mecha may turn off gundam type fans. In any case this series will do nicely in covering for my mecha fix.

In the shojo department. I came across a series called Lovely Complex. The premise is very gimmicky. Short boy and tall girl. Will the two ever find love? Yeah I know it sounds bad. It isn't at all though. First episode had me instantly hooked. The show is done from the perspective of the tall girl (Sorry I bad with remembering Japanese names.) and she is hilarious as hell. The short guy is also interesting. He is not aloof, mopey or some kind of annoying pervert. He is just a regular guy who has no hang ups with talking to girls. I guess you could say he plays the straight man in this comedy duo. I'm looking forward to more of this one.


  • Wait for upcoming episodes of GeekNights...
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    I've recently gotten into Welcome to the NHK! It's about a hikikomori... And otaku subcultures... and all around craziness! I've also finally gotten around to watching Trigun. I read the first two manga volumes, but I just couldn't handle the Maximum volumes. I'm currently also watching Eureka 7. Giant robots + hover boards = awesome! I've also started watching Samurai Champloo a while ago. It's a great show that mixes samurai and hip-hop, just like Cowboy Bebop mixed sci fi and jazz.It's fast becoming one of my favorite shows. Finally, I'm almost done watching Paranoia Agent. It's a great psychological thriller filled with some fun black comedy.
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  • I've recently gotten into Welcome to the NHK!
    The manga is lightyears better than the anime.
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    I've recently gotten into Welcome to the NHK!
    The manga is lightyears better than the anime.
    I haven't read the manga yet. I just really love the trippy nature of the show. It reminds me of The Wall for some strange reason. I might pick up the manga... Is the original light novel any good?
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    Me, I just finished black lagoon 2nd barrage. Kinda ended on a whimper, but I still enjoyed it. Next up is gasaraki. I picked up the perfect collection (adv U.S. release) DVD box set for like $30 shipped on eBay. Did someone say something about gundam NOT being over the top??? Gundam is a less realistic mecha universe than, I don't know, most anything out there. Hell, its less realistic than robot jox( or is it robot jocks?). I needed some serious mecha anime so I picked up gasaraki. And isn't saying gundam isn't over the top like saying that grave of the fireflies isn't the saddest thing ever? That shit was so sad I wanted to go on an 8 hour road trip to dig up my dead mom and hug her. That is what we need to do. We need to force those emo punks to watch grave of the fireflies. Then they'll have something to be whiny about. :D
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    Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann - looks pretty nutty, not sure if Gainax can maintain the energy
    Hayate the Combat Butler! - superior to the manga because of the bad ass narrator's voice and all the anime parodies
    Heroic Age - mecha show with Gundam Seed character designs
    Touka Gettan - one of the most effed up shows ever, the Oedipus complex, traps and cross dressing, oh my
    Romeo x Juliet - morbid curiosity compels me, this has nothing to do with the original play.
    Darker than BLACK-Kuro no Keiyakusha - has a lot of potential
    Bokurano - possible massive win
    Seirei no Moribito - Production IG makes things purdy when they have a big budget, damn near movie/ova quality

    edit: Lovely Complex is worth checking out because everyone talks in Kansai-ben for x2 hilarity
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  • While I am watching Lucky Star I found THIS over at Kotaku. It the Lucky Star intro done via Megaman.
  • I'm currently busy so I haven't had much time for such things recently but I just finished a show called code eass which was pretty good.
  • Hayate the Combat Butler! - hilarious, continuously and greatly hilarious. This past episode was great for both Metal Gear references and a Kenshin reference.
    Lucky Star - I like it for why I like Azumanga Daioh. Which I always wished there was more of.
    El Cazador de la Bruja - I really don't like this show, I gave it two episodes and I can't take anymore.

    then there are some others that I really gotta get around to watching but haven't yet.
  • So far my favorite series for this season is Darker Than Black

    I had high hopes for El Cazador since I liked Noir, but it didn't really do anything for me.

    I watched an episode of Lucky Star to confirm that I wouldn't like it, but I found that I was mistaken and that it was actually pretty funny. I didn't really like the OP, though, except the corus when they go

    "持っていけ 最後に笑っちゃうのは私のハズ

    I also watched the first episode of Nagasarete Airantou to confirm that I wouldn't like it and it was even worse than I expected.

    Claymore and Kaze no Stigma were both decent and I'll continue watching them, but I didnt find either exeptional.
  • I am currently watching Bubblegum Crisis 2040 for the first time. I also caught the first few episodes of Eureka 7, and have been keeping my eyes out for a rental shop that carries Getter Robo.
  • Maria-sama ga miteru, Basilisk, bleach, Blood + , Claymore. I seen the first four episode to Claymore and like it what seen so far. The only problem is that it won't be coming stateside here are time soon. Even though their might fast track it.
  • I am watching Kotetsu shin Jeeg from freaking Go Nagai, and I watching RAW because I am a real man, and to be tell you guys the true you do not need subtitles to enjoy a Go Nagai show :P
  • I've been watching Lucky Star. It's crap I know but I can't help myself.
  • I'm watching Moonlight Mile, Bokurano, and To Terra. I like Bokurano and To Terra a lot and I think Moonlight Mile has some potential.
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    I've been watching Lucky Star. It's crap I know but I can't help myself.
    I know what you mean :(

    Edit: This will clean your poor soul, it sure cleaned mine :P
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  • I've seen that one before. The megaman one was better in my opinion. :D

    So I'm about finished up with Manabi Straight. To sum up I would have to say that Manabi Straight, was a very cute but not sicklying so or overtly fan-serviceish series. The core cast drives the series. If you don't like the characters then you won't find the series endearing at all. Because the plot is very simple and more of just a reason to have the girls become a close knit group of friends. The setting is supposed to be in the future. But there isn't much future type stuff in it except for a hoover board and holographic computers. The comedy is light as is the drama. Which was fine for me. As for the overall plot, I didn't really care if the girls accomplished their main goal or not. It's more about just them pushing towards this event and becoming sincere friends in the process. Overall it was a pretty good girly anime series.
  • I am still watching Nana (ep 40 just came out) and I think they recently anounced that the series will be ending soon.

    I am also watching Gun Sword via NetFlix
  • I'm watching Bokurano, Claymore, and Gankutsuou currently, though I may give on on the Claymore fansubs and wait for the US DVDs.
  • I'm watching To Terra and Bokurano in fansubs. Dark than Black and Claymore are going to have to wait for a US DVD release.
  • I've finally purchased and watched the first season of Slayers, and a friend had recommended Azumanga Daio. Trigun and Deathnote are the next ones, but my immediate goal is to purchase season two of Slayers and find Master Keaton.

    I'm trying to get rid of .hack//SIGN that I purchased last February without knowing that it was TRUE GARBAGE. I'll try and leave it at Gamestop or someplace and never look back. Twenty-six friggin' episodes of talk, talk, GODAWFUL talk!
  • To Terra, Darker than Black, and Seirei no Moribito are my current selections out of this season. If what I hear about Bokurano is true, it may be added to the list as soon as I have a chance to watch some.
  • For sure watching all the way through(unless they really turn to shit or something):
    Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann - Funny as hell, looks like it'll be a fun mecha show.
    Hayate the Combat Butler! - Just as awesome as the manga, and the narrator-guy's voice is hilarious.
    Bokurano - It's looking pretty good so far.
    Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuchou - Dark action show with super-powered kids... It's a pretty good show, and the constant religious references lead to hours of reading about Buddhism.
    Claymore - I like the manga, and the anime is following it almost word for word, so I'm liking it.
    Seto no Hanoyame - A hilarious show, I have a feeling it might go a [more] harem and ecchi route, but it may not, and the amount of hilarity is enough to keep me watching.
    Nodame Cantabile - Good music, good story, funny...

    Maybe if they get better/don't get worse:
    Rocket Girls - If it stays on the route it seems to be taking, I'll probably drop it soon.
    History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi - A shounen fighting show... funny, and as long as the ecchi and fanservice don't increase, I'll keep watching.
    Kaibutsu Oujo - Too much moe, too much fanservice... The only redeeming factor is the humor. Probably gonna be dropped.
    Lovely Complex - Good shoujo, I like it so far, and I've heard the manga is good, so I'll probably keep watching.

    also... I'm watching Lucky Star. It's horrible, and I hate most of the characters... but for some reason I keep watching.

    After making this list, I realize why I always seem to have huge loads of anime waiting to be watched.
  • Gotta say that I'm really digging Toward Terra. It's really grown on me.
  • CosmoWarrior Zero
  • Linebarrels of Iron
    FMA Brotherhood

    Rather sparse season and I seem to be watching more dramas instead.
  • When in doubt. Go old school.
  • At the moment, I'm watching Sora no Otoshimono, Maria Holic, Akikan!, Penguin Girl, and Hayate no Gotoku (Love it for all the reasons mentioned above, just don't keep up with it cause of time. I've got all the manga, too, though and IO'm getting the DVD's. Also just starting Kampfer and trying to finish Nagasarete Airantou. I'm really watching a whole lots of anime bits at a time and still have a huge list of stuff to watch.
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