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Theme Weeks

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So I have some feedback/suggestions when it comes to theme weeks.

I loved "how not to suck" week. That kicked ass.
Favorites week was boring, it was less arguing/discussion and more listing.
I think you *should* make a Best week. Not everybody agrees on the bests of things and should result in some good discussion.
How about devoting a whole week to each category? Like a week of Monday topics.

Anyone else have feedback/suggestions about theme weeks?


  • Hmmm... We could argue forever about "best," so I think we'll do it sometime soon. ^_^
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    The best week might be alot of fun especially when you two argue.
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  • If you want my honest opinion, I'm never really interested in the sujects you talk about other than anime, some of your stories, and, on rare occations, a new tech thing that's just reached the world. Even in light of this, I love listening to your Podcasts because I love to hear you two just argue and be funny. So I don't care what you talk about because no matter what it is, you guys will somehow make it very entertaining.

    I'd just like to hear more of your stories. Like maybe have an entire podcast dedicated to just a bunch of your personal stories every month or so.
  • More stuff like the Wikipedia argument. I
  • how about a "worst" week?
  • Worst week is definitely coming at some point in the future. Glad to see you finally signed in :)
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    Yes im glad! and I only have one small think to say.

    THANK YOU MAGIC MAN!...Err yeah wathver.
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    sorry bad post
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