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conventions in Chicago,Ilinois

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where can i find out about conventions in chicago? What website? Would rym and scott be there


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    Anime Central is the premiere Chicago area convention. There are also several OHIO conventions. Will we be there? Rym's going to ACen twice before. As for this year, I'll get back to you on that.
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  • I think I'm going to miss ACEN again this year. Living in Rochester, it was a fairly short drive. Living by NYC, it's a bit more of a hike... I haven't been in a couple years, even though it was one of my favourite cons. Frankly, it would take being a guest to convince me to head out there again.

    Ohayoo-con was horrible the first and only time we attended (the second one, I believe), but several people have since insisted that it's better now.
  • go to anime turnpike to see the cons going on.
  • I miss Anime Central so much.. it's such a great convention....
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