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What are you watching?

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So what are you all watching right now (anime-wise)?


  • Zipang (again), the animated Sherlock Holmes (where Miyazaki directed a few episodes, that was the main draw for me), Round Vernian Vifam (old-school anime), Mushishi, and Rescue Wings.
  • Meine Liebe

    just finished Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora..bleh
  • Legend of the Galactic Heroes, Scrapped Princess, Crest of the Stars all very very slowly.. ^_^
  • Working slowly on Mushishi, and Monster when I have the patience.

    Also Futurama, which I suppose doesn't really count.
  • I just finished watching Full Metal Alchemist a few days ago. WHOA that was a fucked up ending. It left me.... unfullfilled. Spoiler(highlight)
    He had his fucking arm. And if there was no need to worry about the Law of Conservation of Energy or whatever they called it then WHO CARES ABOUT SACRAFICING YOUR ARM/LIFE?!?!?

    Right now I'm watching Gankutsuou and for the past 7 years I've been slowly making my way through the Dragonball Z series. I've also been meaning to see some more of Ah! My Goddess and Ergo Proxy but I'm too lazy lately.
  • Right now the only anime I'm watching is Naruto (in the original Japanese version of coarse since it was editted all the way to a kiddy show in America).
  • Anime:
    Red vs. Blue
    Transformer Victory
    Zoids Genisis
    Vandread (rewatching the sub)
    Guyver TV

    Live action:
    Kamen Rider Kabuto
  • I just finished watching the first dvd of Hare + Guu and it has to be one of the greatest things I've ever seen.
  • Haven't watched much anime recently. Right now, I'm watching Lost Universe.
  • Currently plodding through Mushishi, when I get the time, and I'm going to, at some point, watch Gankutsuo. Also, I really really really really really need to finish Samurai Champloo, so that'll probably be next.
  • Oh, and School Rumble 2: 2nd Semester, and just starting Marchen Awakens Romance.
  • Ah, well if Red vs. Blue counts as anime, then I'll add that in too.
  • Today I'm getting cable. So I'm hoping, soon, after I've watched enough of adult swim, you guys can consider me an anime geek. By the way, is Boondocks categorized as anime? I love that show, however, there are some sucky episodes once in a while. It's a little vulgar, and hell, it's racist too. I still can't get over the episode where they try to kidnap Oprah though. That's priceless.
  • Anime just means animation from Japan. Manga just means comics from Japan. that's why we have separate words like Manwha for Korean comics. So if Boondocks was made in Japan then yes, it is anime. Otherwise no.
  • Most of the animators are Aisian on The Boondocks, but it doesn't say anywhere that it's made in Japan. However, I personally think of it as the first true American anime though.
  • Isn't American anime an oxymoron?
  • I guess it depends on how you look at it. Does anime mean it's made in Japan or can it mean that all the people working on it are from Japan and know what they're doing? (excluding voice actors)
  • Made by a Japanese animation studio.
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    Kami it is anime when the concept and direction comes from Japan. Yes, it may be animated in Korea, by slaves, though it still is considered anime.

    Same with American animation. Ren and Stimpy was animated in Korea though its still considered American.
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  • My favorite animae
    * lupin 3nd
    * yu yu hakusho
  • -Samurai Champloo
    -FLCL (until they stopped showing it)
    -One Piece
  • All right ^_^

    Slayers (original season)
    Ergo Proxy
    Episode 1s of a million crap anime
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    they didnt stop showing FLCL what happened was that the series is only 6 episodes long.

    Im watching:
    FLCL.(for the 100th time)
    Iooking up at the half moon.(hope I got the title right)
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