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GeekNights 070501 - Vinci

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Tonight on GeekNights, we review Vinci. In the news, Nintendo is making stupid amounts of money, and Microsoft is making an HDD Transfer Kit for the Elite.

Scott's Thing - Acid Bomb 2
Rym's Thing - Crazy People Have Rights Too


  • Just replace all the police in America with people like the guy with the camera in that video. This is who I want running my country. Crazy Guy 4 Prez '08.
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    Freakin' rad. I just started listening to your show and I listened to something stupid like eight shows at work tonight. It was awesome.

    The Worst Podcast Ever show is the best podcast I've ever heard. Great stuff Rym, you and Scott have a knack for this stuff! :D

    Thanks for another show.

    That crazy fucker is awesome. :) I'm worried he is burying a corpse though...
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  • I really want to see follow up to that guy defending his rights. But if it hasn't turned up yet (the guy said Nov. 22nd in the video and the video was posted to youtube on Aug. 2006, so the video was filmed 2005) we probably won't see it.
  • Vinci sounds like the perfect kind of game that my friends would enjoy.
  • Vinci sounds sorta like History of the World, which I've played a couple times with friends, except that HotW you give up your civ after one round, and it doesn't seem to have some of the depth Vinci sounds like it has. I'll have to check this game out... if I can find it anywhere.
  • Kinda listened to this one late.

    Yeah, the first Acidbomb is a great game; it was actually made with Gamemaker. Here are some other games you might enjoy:

    Sandbox of God -Take the role of God and try to help man (and maybe the rabbits) achieve their goals.
    Death Worm - You are a big worm that eats things. Have fun.
    Liquisity - Underwater platform game that is simple but deep.
    Rainbow Wars - Fun little top down shooter.

    All of these are worth playing for varying amounts of time.
  • Well, Sandbox of God LOOKED good. Then i dl'ed and ran it, and my rig reset itself with no warning. YAY winxp!
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