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Alright, well I own this board game, and I must say it is certainly one of the best games I have ever played (not that I have played that many) and I think it may be up Rym and Scott's alley. It's called Junta! and is a game about corrupt politicians trying to seize control of a small banana republic in South America. Players do anything in their power including lying, rebelling, and back stab in order to gain the most money to place within their swiss bank account. I would go into more detail here, but the wiki article seems to go pretty in depth into the game mechanics. It certainly is not a very well known game and is under the radar of many board game players. It has a very comedic feel to the game, one which is almost like the TF2 theme, and is certainly an entertaining game to say the least.

Junta Wiki


  • I've heard of this game. Never played it.
  • I haven't played it myself, but its sort of unpopular in my gaming group because it essentially comes down to a popularity contest.
  • I was reading the title in English , and I thought it was about the male character of DNA 2. However (in spanish is called hunt-tah with enphasis in the hunt). Basically Junta! in spanish means To collect or to catch them all!
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