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Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Eurobeat remixes

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The site is designed poorly, but here's the link, for anyone interested. I'm getting way too excited over the release of Haruhi on DVD this month


  • I just want to say thank you.
  • Having watched a lot of Initial D, whenever I hear Eurobeat I think of Initial D. So hearing these creates some sort of weird amalgam of Haruhi and Initial D in my head.
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    Ah, I love those.

    The remix of Bokuen Desho Desho is a nice change. The God Knows remix isn't quite as good as the original, though.

    I found a pseudo video (there's only an image that occasionally changes color) where a bunch of these are mixed together. Aside from the piss-poor end, it's good stuff.
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