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Anime Central 07

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So Who else is going to anime central?


  • Acen was one of my favourite cons, but it's kind of out of the way now that I live downstate. The only way I could see myself attending again would be as a paid guest...

    It's too bad, since Acen has traditionally had stellar programming.
  • I have such fond memories of first anime con and it just happened to be the first time I met Rym and Scott Johnson. That definitely made it an awesome experience. But as it turns out, it was even better, at least at the time, as ACEN was the perfect size for a convention and had all the perks of a hotel con. Unfortunately, that left me forever spoiled, so many cons seem to pale in comparison (except perhaps the mass craziness that is Otakon).

    I would love to be going, as I know way too many people who will be there. However, like Rym, I now live too far away from the area to make it a short weekend trip. And my chances of getting a guest badge are a great deal lower than Rym's.
  • I'm here in chicago with my aunt and i already picked up my badge. The Line was fun, the DS and pictochat make the 45 min wait more like a 10 min. I would write where are you and then I would write "hold your DS up" and they would and I would search for them and yell too each other. Fun times. What sucks is that the Plastic Modeling panel and Gundam experince was on a friday and i missed it. eventhough it was on a satursay last year. A longer post tommorow about my day.
    Later, Top Gun with my aunt, it's pretty bad. Atleast Tom isn't preaching his scientology too us.
  • Attendance numbers are in for Anime Central '11 ... 23138 total attendees, a
    massive 19% over last year, meaning it's now the third largest anime/manga
    show in the country after Anime Expo and Otakon, and it's gaining on the

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