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Scott finds a girlfriend

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  • Ah, no.
  • The guy does have more hair than you and I couldn't think of a better caption.
  • Which one is Scott's girlfriend? The one in the bed or the one coming through the door?
  • Oh, pwn3d.
  • Possible caption...

    "Would you go to the court house with me...I have $5."
  • I would like to know what the sign hanging from the wall says.
  • Ooooh.... Are you going to take that, Scott?
  • Well... will you?
  • Meh. Kinda lame.
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    It does kind of look like him... but I have to agree with the lame comment. I usually love an opportunity to tease Scott, particularly his odd issues with dating, women, sex, and relation to people in general, but I have to say that this just doesn't do it for me. Good effort, though!
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  • 'Tis a slight resemblance and nothing more. Maybe if someone could Photoshop in the heads of certain members of the Crew, this could be a bit more entertaining... could just make it worse, though.
  • It would just make it worse.
  • I think that Scott can beat that dude easily if only because he was secretly train in the Karate arts by Dave and Joel, Who truly are the master of Karate :P
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