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Tactical Roar

edited April 2006 in Anime
*Ahem* First I just wanted to say that Rym and Scott inspired me to watch this. Yes, it is just as bad as they said it was. I swear I am getting really tired of the spineless male.


  • I've noticed this problem, and so have the guys on Anime World Order. When you're in the business of reviewing things you review bad stuff and good stuff. You tell people to watch good stuff, and they do. But when warn people to stay away from bad stuff, they watch it anyway. It might be curiosity. It might be masochishm. I don't know. All I want to say is that if we say something is bad, dont' watch it. Please don't watch it. Unless of course when we describe it it sounds like something you will like. There are pervs who actually like harem shows out there.
  • Something that I should have clairfied in my first post was that a friend of mine watched it and said that he (and his lady) really liked it.....and normally I trust this guy. Now there was the Geeknights review that blasted it. This was a case of "um....I need to find out for myself".

    Now that my eyes have stopped bleeding I feel much better.
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