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  • Probably.
  • Pete and I have been holding off on buying 3DS systems because we are hoping there will be bundles when the new games come out.
  • We've been getting them for the really major first-party releases in the US, so I would be surprised if they skipped Pokemon of all things.
  • I just played the Pokémon Y demo yesterday at the Samseong COEX Mall in Seoul.

    Oh my goodness, this game is going to be epic. I was skeptical about moving from sprites to polygons at first, but the way it's presented on the 3DS is just so fluid and pretty to look at. Battles are nice and fast-paced, too. So looking forward to this.
  • So... Who is willing to pay for a Pokemon box/ranch cloud storage? Or pay to transfer Pokemon from older 3DS games to X/Y?
  • There were no older 3DS pokemon games?

    And you don't have to pay to transfer the 'mons, just store them in the cloud, I think.

    Also, fuck yes you get Kanto starters early on and they all get Mega Evolutions i am so happy right now.
  • My bad. This is first 3DS Pokemon game. I have not used my DS Lite in so long I forgot the other games were DS games.
  • Hmmm. Suddenly not so sure about picking Chespin as my next starter...


    Could still change again by the time final evolutions come out, though. We shall see.

    As for today's other reveals: likin' the Mega Mewtwo X and those two cat things. Meh on the Mega Garchomp design and everything else.
  • I always go grass, even though I do hate that second form. Final better be good. And the types that were leaked before better be correct.
  • Fuckin' yes, I knew Froakie was going to be the right choice. Water always dampens the competition.
  • Grass is the clear winner of those three.
  • I almost always pick Grass too, but I did pick Fire in Gen III, and seeing Fennekin's evolution and probable typing, I'm definitely tempted to go Fire again. Fire/Psychic would be kickass.
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    Okay, the fanart on Tumblr is totally helping me warm up to Chespin's evo. So many people draw cute pudgy things so well. <3


    Speaking of which: I should not be surprised that there is already so much fanart for all these Pokemon.

    Or that there is already porn in the "teerunaa" tag.


    Although, I do find it interesting that a lot of people have decided that Teerunaa is a witch. Lots of pics of it using its tail stick as a wand and/or broomstick.

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  • Someone on the World Wide Web pointed out that the stick might actually be a wand.

    Also, for God's sake, when are we finally going to get to a new page so I can forget about thong Professor Oak?
  • Four more posts after this one.
  • Four more posts after this one.
    So close, but so far away.
  • Four more posts after this one.
    So close, but so far away.
    I'll contribute, somehow.
  • Someone is just going to re-post the same picture on the next page.
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    Someone is just going to re-post the same picture on the next page.
    Shhh don't give anybody any ideas.
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    We're never free.
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    I win this contest.
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  • My life is over.
  • I laughed way too hard

  • Shhh don't give anybody any ideas.
    The thought has occurred to me. I still might but not right away. You never troll when people expect it and your never buy your woman flowers after she complains about never getting her anything.
  • Can't wait to watch the REAL Pokemon show. As real as the real Pokemon manga. PROOF:

  • I'm writing Pokemon retrospective articles over at Pokemon Underground Champion's League now! Hoping to do this so I can get in the habit of writing something weekly. Should be fun! There are lots of cheesy Pokemon things that need talking about.
  • Oh, PUCL...
  • Oh PUCL? *curious*
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