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The Troll-Wisperer

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Cory Doctorow wrote an excellent article on trolling, which everyone here should read.

[Edit] Has there yet been a GeekNights on trolling?


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    The article doesn't mention anything about suspending accounts, banning and outright blocking IP's when a community has issues with trolls. The removal of vowels from troll like post would be hilarious to implement though. Having been a long time member of a Final Fantasy community for the past several years. I can say that having good mods is the best line of defense in dealing with idiot trolls and flamers. Of course it has not suffered without its casualties. Mods had quit because of having trolls turn their attention on the Mod's themselves. Which saves the community but puts the Mod's in a shitty position. Another breeding ground for Trolls was General chat. Back during it's heyday Gen Chat had a strong sense of camaraderie but it eventually devolved into clique groups and assholeish behavior. So the mods decided thatGen Chat had to be snuffed out from the forums. It took about a year or so before it Gen Chat was reinstated.
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