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I've noticed that quite a few posts in this forum are miscategorized. Are there not enough categories? If anyone would like to request a new category be made just post it in this thread.


  • Movies, subjestions, requests, and news.
    I'd also like a poll vote you can set up with like up to 10 choises if possible.

    By the way, what's Flamewars?
  • I added news, movies and suggestions. Requests and suggestions seem redundant, so I didn't add requests. I would also like to add some sort of voting. I'll have to find a plugin for this forum. Stay tuned.

    Flamwars is when you want to have a fiery argument. A good example of a flamewar post would be if you wanted to say something like "Cowboy Bebop Sucks", "the Nintendo DS is shit" or "Puerto Rico is a terrible board game", etc. It's the category for intentional trolling.
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    Man, you're fast Scott. You had that up 8 minutes after my post.
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  • I'm bored at work, what do you want from me? Also, we'll have polling as soon as version .9.3 of this forum software is no longer in beta.
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    If you're really board at work, check out my riddle thread:

    There is no way you and Rym can miss this one. You'll love it to death, I can guarentee it. Plus, it'll keep you busy longer than almost any one player RPG console game.
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  • Yeah... I didn't comment in that thread, but I saw that thing over a year ago. I was still in college. It's not particularly exciting.
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    Aww...I really liked it. I was sure you would too. I guess I was wrong.
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  • It's more that we've seen dozens and dozens of those things over the years, and they're all mostly the same. The few I actually tried to solve just ended up being irritating, arbitrary, and sometimes actually wrong.

    I guess I don't see these sorts of things as riddles any more than I saw Bilbo's "riddle" to Gollum as one.
  • I have one more idea for a catagory. It'll be called the seld destruct catagory. If you use this, you will get to chose the life of the thread before it dies up to 14 days unless like Scott saves it. That's something I'd use a lot because I have questions I'd like to ask fairly frequently, but I don't want to create a new thread for just that because then there would be a lot of threads and I'm a huge believer in not spamming. Anyways, I'd really like this because then I'd be able to ask a bunch of questions without feeling like I'm filling up you guy's entire forum.
  • Move the category "Everything Else" to the top, I and other people have made the mistake of using "Board Games" as the category.
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