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Project A-Kon

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Some friends talked me into going down to Texas for A-Kon this year. What finally swayed me were all of the webcomic folks that I saw were going to be there. Jin Wicked, Howard Taylor, Josh Lesnick, and Randy Milholland just to name a few.

I didn't see a post about it here, so I was wondering if any of the folks around these parts are going to be attending this year?



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    Ah! I wish I'd seen your post yesterday. My best friend, her sister, her sister's friend, and another friend of mine are all attending.
    I live in Texas, so A-kon is really close. But I didn't want to go this year because the number of people is starting to become ridiculous.
    I met a girl a few days ago and we talked about A-kon and how it was just getting so huge. And, undoubtedly, it is still an anime convention, so it's going to be fun, but with such colossal numbers, it's hard to enjoy to enjoy yourself.

    That's why I plan to go to AnimeFest in late August. Much less people, but it's not small, either.
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  • A-Kon

    Please make the link properly :)
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    Revival post because I am ramping up to attend A-kon again. This time, I've signed up to volunteer.
    Judging by the form I filled out, it looks like there will be more things to do than when I volunteer for my local con. Of course, A-kon is ten times larger...
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  • I'm thinking about doing it if they offer crash space for volunteers. I could take the greyhound down there and I got a relative in Dallas if I can't get crash space.
  • There's about a month to go until A-kon. I'm all signed up to volunteer and my hotel room is squared away. Is there anyone else here who may be planning on attending?
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