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Haruhi x Death Note op

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So I watched ep 31 of Death Note today, personally I like the second opener for it; "What's up people?" by Maximum the Hormone, so I went on youtube and found the full music video (along with the full song, which I like more than just the 1:19 of the op for DN). I also found something that I didn't expect. Someone, I presume a Japanese person, made a video combining the second op of DN with Haruhi, and very well I might add, I think the compare video in the lower left corner was a really nice touch. Well here's the vid, discuss if you like I just found it really cool.


PS I lawled when the part where Ryuk is jumping around/the little kid jumps around part appeared.


  • This is something anime fans have been doing for a very long time. Here are two of the best examples.
  • Yup I've seen both of those before, I never said that it hadn't been done before, just said it was cool ~_^
  • I sure has being a while since I have watch some mainstream anime. I am not sure I like Death Note, specially when I have all the volumes of Buddha in paperback format in front of me, along with the last volume of Monster. I am sadly to say that I do not care much about that show, I do not know why maybe it is the deads that have the lame plot twist that I have heard about. I decided to just follow and just try to find more Tezuka, in my personal opinion I believe that his works and ideas are 100 better than any triller manga that it is out in nowdays, well Urasawa is a little below him.
  • Personally I think I like the anime version of Death Note so much because I forced myself not to read the manga, therefore not spoiling anything for myself and only seeing it presented in the anime means that I can't compare and contrast the manga, which can be a good thing in this case. Subsequently I really enjoy the anime ^_^
  • I would be more interested in the Death Note anime if I didn't own all the manga already. I really like the Death Note manga, but I don't feel an urge to watch the same story in animated form. There are just too many new and potentially good anime all of a sudden, so I'd rather spend my time watching something new.
  • Honestly, the Death Note anime is almost unenjoyable if you've already read the manga. Since it is SO FAITHFUL to it's source material, the Death Note anime doesn't showcase anything new that the manga-readers would find refreshing. That is the downside of having a perfect anime adaptation to a text-heavy manga.
  • When Death Note started airing i got really into it but stopped watching around episode 22. Not sure why but I just lost interest in the show. I'm told it hits kind of a low point after that anyways so I don't really feel like I'm missing out on anything. One of these days I'll bring myself to finish watching the rest of the show after its done airing. Hmm seeing that Nadesico video makes me want to watch the dvd's again.
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    I just had to find this, because it goes with the theme of this thread

    Giant Robo X Getter Robo= Awesomenes
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