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Andrew's Rule (an extension of Godwin's Rule)

edited May 2007 in Forum Stuff
  • As a Geeknights forum discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Pokemon approaches one.


  • Nah, this is only temporary because the new games came out.
  • Heh heh. I think it could meld into a permanent thing though, Steve.
  • Even before the new games we had "can't lift 10". :|
  • An extension to the law?

    -When a new Pokemon game is released, the amount of thought towards Pokemon is elevated, causing the probability of Andrew's Law to increase.
  • Andrew's Corollary: As the number of mentions of Pokemon increases, the probability that Jason will embark on a murderous rampage approach 1.
  • POKEMAN!? WITH THE POKEY AND THE MAN AND the thing and [unintelligible]
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