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GeekNights 070529 - Getting Into German Board Gaming

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Tonight on GeekNights, despite still being a bit ill, we continue "Getting Into It Week" with German/Euro gaming. In the news, co-op mode is the born-again hotness, and the Spiel des Jahres are analyzed.
Scott's Thing - Wall of Death

Rym's Thing - The N00b's Guide to CounterStrike Source


  • Is there something wrong with the show?

    Only 135kb

  • Is there something wrong with the show? Only 135kb Cheers, James
    Works for me.
  • Didn't you say law week that you weren't going to do this show since it would be really lame?

    Still... I am a big fan of the "Getting into..." series.
  • We thought a bit more on it.  The lame part was simply "play x, then y, then z."  By going into more detail, we filled out the show.
  • Looking forward to the list of game recommendations. Between myself and my friends we've played carcassone, settlers, T&E, puerto rico, san juan etc but we're looking for more!

    Oh another one I'd recommend, in a completely different feel, Junta. It's a fantastic game and there's a *huge* screw your friend mechanic. You know? Screwing over your friend is not something anyone in my group of friends is adverse to in these games. :)
  • Co-op games kick butt. I remember back in the day were I would play Street Of Rage 2 on my Sega Genesis with my cousin. I would play Eddie Skate Hunter and my cousin would play Axel. Those were the days. To me is all about Corkscrew kick move. The only problem is that the move would take away some your power a bit.

    This game is on the wii Virtual Console and I was going to buy it and when I when to the ESRP web site to see what game are coming up on the Wii Virtual Console and they also listed this game for the XBLA. I’m now going to get it for the XBLA because of on-line play.

    I also love playing the X-Men arcade game. That game had six players at once. I'm begging you X-box 360 bring this game to XBLA!!!!
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    Normally I kind of agree with Scott. But... In the immortal words of George Costanza - "It is not a lie, if you believe it". So, Rym was being truthful when he said his motherboard would arrive, when in-fact it did not.

    Oh, and coop games rule! Especially sports games. All the old Sega Montana Football games were coop and years ago Madden was coop. In the last few years Madden dropped coop and I stopped buying the game. Any game that has coop gets a bonus in it's rating.
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    Just listened to this episode, and I thought I would share the story of how I wound up playing Carcassone in the real castle of Carcassone. This summer I went on holiday to the Pyrenees, with my family and a German family, who we have know for eons. We took a day trip to the castle of Carcassone and played Carcassone in the castle (in which we could not find a single copy for sale, but about a million pieces of tourist crap). I found it really funny that they did not sell the one thing that made me want to visit the actual site. The story of the castle is really interesting, with it being upgraded from a Roman fort, to being rediscovered by Napoleonic era rich people. By the way, here is a kickass fisheye photo of the castle.
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  • Man, I just relistened to this and I'm amused by some of the things 2007 Rym and Scott have to say.

    Like 2007 Rym: "I really liked Age of Steam."

    I get the impression that 2007 R&S might think something as involved as T&E or Puerto Rico could possibly get an SdJ nomination. The SdJ's primary audience is "normal" families and their children, which is why the games that are nominated all play 2-4 players, have low- or no-targeted player interaction, and are < 60 minutes long. I really feel like The Settlers of Catan is the German game that breaks all the rules, here - it's got a real magic spark that cuts across different audiences, and a mean streak that anyone designing for the SdJ in 2016 would develop out of their game.

    The Deutscher Spiele Preis generally honors more gamer-y games - like literally every game you talk about in this episode. (Seriously, I'm really amused by this. Settlers of Catan, El Grande, Tigris & Euphrates, Carcassonne, Puerto Rico, Amun Re, Saint Petersburg, and Caylus are all the top of their respective years in the DSP)

    I was amused to hear that Twilight Struggle was # 6 on the BGG rankings when this episode was recorded. It started 2007 at # 10, and worked its way up to # 3 by 2008. Puerto Rico got knocked off the top by Agricola, before Agricola was topped by Twilight Struggle, which seemingly slow-played its way to # 1 and stayed there for years until Pandemic Legacy took the top spot.
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