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Geeknights Amun-Re game on

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I have set up a game of Amun-Re on the online boardgaming site (it's free). To create a gathering of fellow GN listeners, I have set it up as private. The game name is "GeekNights 1", and the password is "geeksrule".

I steal this idea from my friend Mark Johnson, of the Boardgames To Go podcast. He sometimes sets up games for listeners with the password "BGTG".

I hope we can get a game of GeekNight listeners going. Anyone needing help can read the SbW docs, or post in this thread, or bug me. If there is another of the SbW games that would be more popular, I'm game.




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    There are still spots left, if there is interest. I'll hang on a day or two, and then probably open it up to the unwashed masses on SbW.
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  • I joined up, but I'll prolly get beat down in this game, since all I know about it is what Rym and Scott have said.
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