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Catan on XBOX Live has made me its bitch...

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God. I can't quit playing Catan. Appropriately, I play most during Geeknights, and mostly because of the show. I liked Catan a lot, but the more you two talk about German board games the more I really want to play Settlers... I eventually caved and bought the game from (Since it's a lot easier for me to order from a Canadian site... Being Canadian and all) and it's in the mail, and I'm really excited since my buddies and I are sick to DEATH of Monopoly and Risk. Luckily my buddies are (semi) open minded to new shit, and being jocks, it's weird to see them get so in to board games.

If anyone else has it, send me a friend invite (WITH A MESSAGE PLEASE) and we'll play.

Also, for Rym/Scott, you mention frequently you've got no interest in the 360. Does stuff like the release of Catan and Carcassone (spelling?) get you at least moderately excited about Live and the possibilities of other board games across other consoles?


  • I also have Catan for the Xbox 360, but have yet to play it. In fact, I've never played the actual physical game either. I really want to get a game or two in soon though. Also, I'll be purchasing Carcassonne on Live as soon as it comes out. Talisman should be released soon thereafter, which was my all-time favorite boardgame back int the day.
  • We've been excited about the prospect of board games on consoles long before anybody actually did it.
  • The chief benefits of board gaming on the console include:
    • Computer can be the banker
    • You don't need to worry about someone knocking the board
    • You can play across the country via the Internet
    • Less storage space required
    • You can 'save' a game and finish it later
    Yep, good stuff...
  • I enjoyed Catan a lot when I was playing it with my friends over XBL, but I haven't had chance to do that lately so I haven't been playing it at all.

    And you also forgot HMTKSteve that the computer can fill in for players if you don't have enough for a game.
  • I did not forget that part. I just do not consider it a benefit. It is only a benefit if the game has a good AI, otherwise the computer just cheats.
  • Benefits of playing board games in person.

    You can beat someone up who doesn't take their turn.
    You don't have to worry about players leaving the game before it is over.
    You can use psychologies as part of your game plan.
    Trash talk.
    Fist talk.
    You get to play with wooden cubes.
    Bargaining and trading games actually become feasible.
    Seeing the looks on everyone else's face when you kick their asses.
    Punching the other player in the face when you lose.
    Did I mention you can hit people if you are sitting next to them?
  • My friends and I had a discussion last week about our gaming personalities. We determined that I am very good at bluffing and influencing other players because of my background.

    As the youngest of three boys I was never the biggest or the fastest. To get things I had to be tricky and smart. I have honed those skills to perfection and now I have Jedi-like skills of manipulation!
  • Faaaaaaantastic. My Catan came in the mail today! :)

    Can't wait to bust it out this weekend.
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