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[DENNO COIL] Future of Japan?

edited June 2007 in Anime
Ok, so I've just started to watch Denno Coil, it's an anime placed in Japan in near future. Where Internet and technology had advanced so much it can now be viewed everywhere in the world. While wearing these glasses you can see and (feel)? the digital world. Not sure if the digital world effects you if you're not wearing the glasses. Anyways it's interesting and I'm giving it seven out of ten so far. The music is also very interesting and intriguing.

Any opinion on this show?


  • We watched the first episode. I don't think it's the future of Japan, but it's pretty cool. I really like the octopus evil monster thing. We will talk about this show soon.
  • Augmented reality is already possible but its rather big and clunky but given the Japanese talent for miniaturizing technology I would say something like this would be possible well within our lifetime.
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