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Dexter's Lab

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Since I'm sure this is a burning question:

Yes, there was a Dexter's Lab episode with Mandark running around in a giant Abraham Lincoln raised from within Mt Rushmore. Dexter's response, of course, is the matching giant George Washington.


  • Incorrect my friend. It is infact Dexter that fields Lincoln and Mandark that controls Washington.

    ; )
  • And then, of course, they do battle. However, upon realizing that they both stand for honesty ("Honest Abe" and washington not being able to tell a lie), they become friends and walk off into the sunset. It is sad that i remember that.
  • I thought it was Honest Abe and giant John Wilks Booth. I know a giant John Wilks Booth was used in some show.
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    South Park Season 5 Episode 3
    Jesus: We need to know how to kill a giant stone Abraham Lincoln.
    Moses: ...Um... Let me think, um... a giant stone John Wilkes Booth?
    Jesus: [thinks for a moment] You heard him, Super Best Friends! We've got to make a giant stone John Wilkes Booth!
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    It seems odd Abragam Lincolns are a small fad among some cartoons. I wonder if any other shows have him as a character. I know Futrama had an insane lincoln-bot. The Simpsons had a Lincoln-bot that went insane. Hmmm.
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  • He's easy to draw, and distinguishable (hat) even if done so poorly.

    | |
    _| |_
    / \
  • There's a clone of Lincoln on "Clone High". He's best friends with Ghandi.
  • He is a cultural icon....just like the cherry tree is a cultural icon of japan (that and the cicada sound that is in EVERY anime)
  • theres other countries with a huge population of cicadas,try colombia,
  • Columbia, really? But you have to realize that these cultural icons are used to identify with the core demographic county.
  • So what's the American icon?

    Somehow I picture a big, fat man sitting on a couch eating a hot dog and watching American Idol while complaining about how fat he is.
  • American icon? I would say an eagle.
  • Back on topic to the thread, Scott and I -just- watched the episode of South Park where this happens again.
  • Lincon? On south park?....Torrent please!
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