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Anime Sales

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Right now there are three sales that I know of that are going on that are worth checking out.

Until June 27 Right Stuf is having a sale all Geneon DVD are 10 for $50, and 25 for $100 (US funds). If your in the US you also get free shipping.

Until June 17 Deep Discount Dvd is having their semi annual 20% off sale. code: dvdtalk

Until June 17 Dvd Planet is having a 20% off sale as well. code: 20OFFSALE

Have at it.


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    Good deal's!
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  • Today, I got the first vol. of Tekkaman Blade for 19.99 and the second vol. for 14.99 at Best Buy. But each volume has 3 dvds on it :P
  • I've got my Geneon DVDs all picked out.
  • Darn! I'm too late!!!!!
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