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Super Anime Sale

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TRSI(The Right Stuf International) is having a crazy Geneon sale. 10 DVDs for $50 or 25 DVDs for $100. TRSI has not always had the greatest customer service, but it might be hard to pass up this sale.


  • Yeah I love when TRSI has these sort of sales. My friends and I normally go in and search for whatever DVDs they have and just go for the 25 for $100. I'm excited I'm finally able to get the rest of R.O.D. (Read or Die). Paper-fu is just awesome!
  • Mitsukai already posted about this, Scott.
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    Indeed, way to be on the ball Scott :-p
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  • Mitsukaialreadyposted about this, Scott.
    Oh. At that time I already knew about the deep discount sale. Did not notice the others until today.
  • Man I posted about this the day the sale started ;)
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