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Mr. Period

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ok, i was jus wondering, does anyone here like mr. period? form the littlle i no about him, I, persanallly, don like him. tif he talked in the threads, then I whould have more to go by than him going around correcting people. personalllly, i don like it being corrected all the time. does anyone else have any other opiniions?


  • I don't really mind him. In fact, I feel that this may improve my grammar which is always beneficial. It also makes it easier to read the forum.
  • I love Mr. Period. His presence forces people to write with proper grammar and spelling in the forums. Maybe, just maybe, people will think about and proof-read what they have written before they click the submit button. That will allow for more intelligent conversation and productive social discourse. It also makes stupid people feel unwelcome, which is always a good thing.
  • I actually like him,his helping me regain my english!
  • Mr. Period can, as far as you all care, be considered the first new member of our "staff." I don't have time to sit here and moderate the forums or harp on bad grammar, but at the same time someone needs to be here to do it.

    Mistakes are one thing. Egregious and frequent errors are another. I don't want these forums to descend to the depths that certain others have...
  • I wish this forum had a spell check.
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    There you have a suggestion Rym/Scott.
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  • I thought Mr. Period's reason for being here was pretty clear, but perhaps a note should be added to his profile in case people don't read the introductions.

    I also think it would be cool if Mr. Period would be more consistent with how the posts are edited, perhaps making a nice style with his icon so that the comments are visually separated from the origional post.
  • I rather like coming to a forum and being able to read sentences and paragraphs with correct grammar and spellings. Mr. Period is an excellent addition to the Front Row Crew forums.
    On the other hand, I find it somewhat saddening that with the reduction in barely understandable posts, I am fast running out of fuel for my anger. I find the fires of my fury burning low, and this leaves me feeling hollow inside. I can feel my hatred dissipating away, like a black hole at the end of its lifecycle, Hawking radiation sapping away its mass, grinding down to an eventual and inevitable end.
  • Mr. Period is an awesome idea and poster.
  • Wow... I didn't actually think this many people liked his editing this much. Like I said earlier, the grammer is the only thing I have to go by on whether I like him or not. I acttually think it would be nice for him to join discussions and stuff. However, I don't like him editting my posts at all and that's the only reason I don't like him.

    If Mr. Period was able to put the gramically correct post directly under my origonal one, then I wouldn't mind that at all (though I don't think you can do that if someone has already taken up that slot). Basically I'm saying if person 1 posts and then person 2 posts and Mr. Period was able to bump person 2's post down to take up that spot, I'd be okay with that.

    I'm guessing that most of you already know I like good grammer too. This is actually my first post where I made sure not to have good grammer at all. If you ask Trogdor, he'll tell you that I use this type of grammer on every game I play unless there is not enough time to type correctly or if I'm saying "brb", "bbl", "g2g", "GF", or "gg". Those are litterally the only things I say outside of what's gramically correct.

    So anyways, Mr. Period, if you are able to move your post above the posts of others to put your's right under mine, go for it. In the mean time, I'll continue to try to have as good of grammer as I can without going too far out of my way. If you do not (or are unable) to do what I'd like, then I'll continue to dislike you until I actually get to know you, which really isn't too big of a deal for me...
  • Please check your spelling as well. Grammar is the correct spelling of the word.
    I would like to thank you, however, for helping to fuel my quasi-singularity engine of hate and fury. I am reduced to depending upon such meager fodder, but I will not disdain anything which can be used to feed my pyre.
  • He am be the great!
    I get really annoyed when it's the news presenters, or host's on serious TV shows that fuck up their grammar. Society is already good enough at this english language of ours without the assistance of media.
  • Someone suggested installing a spell checker into the forums. I thought this was a pretty good idea, so I investigated. It seems like this is never going to happen. However, there are many browser plugins you can install to add spell checking. There is at least one extension for each major browser which will add spell checking to all text input boxes. I suggest you install one of them.
  • Here is what I will do. Since my goal is merely to maintain a certain level of readability here, I will simply edit poorly formed posts in place, all changes being made in red.

    I will only comment when it is necessary.
  • Awww no spell checking.... sadness.....
  • Mr. Period, I think it might be nice to make a cute little 'Edited by Mr. Period' logo, and add it to the end of the post.

    Also, do the people who have their posts edited realize they can re-edit the post themselves to correct mistakes, remove the red, etc?
  • Now that I will fully support Mr. Period. Personally, I really do want to get to know you, so I'd like to ask you to post comments in places and stuff like that. Make another name if you want to. Do whatever. I have to admit, however, that I think that you are already a regular member here and your Mr. Period name is simply an allius to make sure that your staff position and talking position are not mixed. If that's the case, then I'd like you to at least tell me that you are. Don't bother telling me your other name if you really don't want to.

    Anyways, Jameskun, I don't know about most people, but as for me, I don't like editting my posts unless I really think I have to because it's a feeling of reliability for me. For example, say that I tell everybody that everything Rym and Scott said about Sony was a lie. If I said that, then they would get really mad at me and tell me that I'm a n00b and all that. If they do that, then I can just edit my post to say that I said that everything Rym and Scott said about Sony was true. That's basically how it's a reliability thing for me and it really bothers me to see the word "edited" next to my name and all that. I don't know if anybody else feels the same way about that, but that's how I am.
  • If you don't like seeing the word "edited" next to your name, then use the preview button. Make damn sure your post is perfect before you submit it. That's what I do. I also go back and edit quite a few posts. But I always edit for grammar and spelling, not content.
  • Well, this is my case. Now I'm not saying this is a good excuse, but when I'm at home, I have plenty of time to look at the forums. However, when I'm at school, I usually have just enough time to catch up on two threads and make two posts. There are other times at school where I'm in the middle of making a post and the bell rings so I have to really hurry up the rest of my post. Once again, I'm not saying this is a good excuse, but that's my reason.
  • Grammar and spelling are not hard to get right. These things should be habitual and not something that needs a lot of extra thought. It is partly a failing in our educational system that we have so many people that have this trouble. Honestly if I see something with bad grammar and spelling it immediately takes my attention away from what the person is saying, almost to the point that the meaning is completely lost and all I am left with is 'stupid person'.

    I can agree that having the 'edited' mark can be seen as a break in the integrity of the post, however that stems from an inherent mistrust that a lot of people have. Most of the original members of this forum have known each other long enough that when we see an 'edited' mark we assume it was a simple typo fix and not the person trying to change their position after the fact.

    I think the best solution to that problem would be if the form tracked the version history of post edits. Then nobody could hide ^_^.
  • I for one really appreciate Mr. Period. It is nice to see a forum taking such a proactive stance against bad grammar/spelling (and in my case a lack of english education; stupid Baltimore County Public Schools).
  • As you may know, Scott is upgrading the forums. The update will now include "Spell checking to ward off Mr. Period".
    Yeah, that's right, I use the tombstone generator.
  • You may yet have a new tool to help you avoid my wrath. However, you should not become too complacent. There are many other mistakes people make besides spelling errors, and spell checkers are not perfect, e.g: their/there. I am extremely confident that you fools will continue to misuse my friends and I for a long time to come regardless of any software aids.
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