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Initial D

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I just finished the first two Stages of this Anime. I cannot stress how much I love Initial D. There is only one thing that has been pondering my mind lately, which I think Scrym said. In their review of Initial D, I believe they said that Stage One is racing with a /of life; whereas Stage Two is only racing. I have to disagree with this. In Stage Two there are plenty of worthwhile /of life parts. Some parts include: Takumi and Mogi's relationship, or when Takumi starts to show his genuine interest in the mechanics of cars. I feel deeply attached to this Anime, and I believe I shall always. I ask that anyone who has seen this Anime post their thoughts.


  • I haven't seen it and I don't really plan on it. Sorry.... Just way to busy.
  • I ask that anyone who has seen this Anime post their thoughts.
    Lol, it's ok. Thanks for posting anyways ^_^
  • Well Initial D really is a combination of Takumi's life and then his racing, but as the show moves from season to season to movie to season his life and racing begin to combine.

    But yes Initial D is teh awesome. I eagerly await stage 5 (whenever they make it,) seeing how stage 4 sort of just ends without any actual ending.
  • I forgot to mention, let's try and leave out spoilers.
  • Good show.
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    I have only seen bits of one episode of Initial D, but when I saw that I thought that I won't watch show about some car-lovers driving in lame looking driving scenes. After listening geeknights Initial D episode, I decided that maybe I should give Initial D a chance and see the first season. That's because I realized, that Initial D isn't only driving and those driving scenes can be cool, and I kinda like the music in Initial D.
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  • I watched the first season of Initidal D upon hearing about it from a Geeknights episode, and it was kinda-but-not-really-good. I have to say the music is excellent. The first opener is still better. Anyway, everything about the show was horrible, from the totally predictable plotlines to the God-awful animation. As a side not, it was really funny watching Initial D in Cantonese with English Subs. I'm not one of those people who can predict everything that is coming, but I could see the the direction the plotwas going to take a billion miles away. The plot was so incredibly average, and there was a pattern of what happends in the episodes, which made things more boring. However, the redeeming quality is definitely the Eurobeat music. Another point I'd like to make is that even though the show was awful when disected, I really felt nervous everytime Takumi raced, even though I knew what the outcome would be. Even though this is clearly a guy's show, I think girls can really get into it (by the way, I am indeed a girl). All in all, I would  definitely recommend this for car-lovers. Before I end this, I have to point out that I loved how bored Takumi looked when he was partaking in the earlier races, and WHY was Takumi's crush's dad never shown his face?
  • WHY was Takumi's crush's dad never shown his face?
    Watch the other Stages, and you will find out.
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