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The Meta Bits from Episode 90 (060411)

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We can have a seperate thread about Tetris DS. Thus, what are your thoughts on the rest of the issues we raised in this one?


  • umm shouldn't it be posted first ; )
  • This way I can link to it from the post I'll be making in a few minutes without there being a dead link space.

    Curse you all and your being awake. ;^)
  • Good! Finally the new episode is up!
  • Ha Ha hey at least you have a dedicated fan base. Im too hopped up on soda from a long day of gaming to be sleeping ; )
  • im literaly living on cofee and bawls
  • Well, here's a treat, then. The post will actually appear in 9 minutes on the site, but you can listen to the episode now if you like.
  • I will wait 9 minutes so it appears on my psp. (Yes I use a psp to listen to you guys.)
  • Oh shit man you got pwned ^^^^
  • Metal Marines!
    Metal Marines, on the Nintendo DS with wi-fi capability to go head-to-head with other players in pick-up games? The vision! It must be made real!

    As for Sony losing their vaunted lead in the video game market to Nintendo, I am filled with joy. Yes, Sony is a Japanese company, and I support them as a Japanese man; but I fought and lived through the Console Wars, and I cannot deny the influence of having served on the frontlines in the rank-and-file of Nintendo.
    I believe the dark days of the Sony blitzkrieg and the betrayal by Squaresoft are coming to an end; the Nintendo DS was the vanguard for this counter-offensive, and I can feel the winds of war blowing in a new direction.
  • Since we're all in a call-out kind of mood today... the episode header... it's et al., not et all. In this case, it's short for et alia, meaning "and other things".
  • As for what was said about Billy, it was harsh, but fair. Being singled out sucks, but so does lying. Coming clean about the whole thing would go a long way towards redemption in my opinion.

    Oh, and I live in a glass castle directly on the magnetic south pole, and my internet is provided by Antarctic Internet Services, a company staffed almost entirely by penguins, and run by a fur seal named Boris. Prove me wrong, biyotches.
  • There I told whats made up from the truth.(I made a topic bout it, sorry for being stupid)
  • 'The Truth Report' by Billy. I can't wait to read that.
  • It's called "flame geek comes clean" but hey at least I got my 7 minutes of flame!
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