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Startling presidential race epiphany

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As I choose to chat with many of Albionic descent over on the Movies You Should See forum/Meebo, I am often asked who I believe will win the 2008 presidential race. It was only a short few minutes ago, during an AIM conversation with one such Briton, that I had an epiphany.

Hillary will get the party's nomination with Obama as her VP candidate.

It's so blindingly obvious. I can't believe I didn't consider this earlier. Both campaigns have been supposedly fighting over similar turf, shoring up the reserves among minority voters. I said in an earlier thread that Election 2008 will be decided by whether Americans are more comfortable with a woman or a black man in charge (for the record, I think it's pathetic that either factor should play into it).

The simple solution, which I'll bet $1 million on, is that they will go for both minority voting demographics by putting the two on the same ticket. The Democrats can't afford to split their base with two extremely popular figureheads in such a banner anti-Republican year.

In addition, Clinton is appealing to swing voters and the so-called "conservative" liberals, while Obama has a reputation for being a by-the-numbers leftist. That goes a long way to pleasing everybody (at least on that side of the aisle) all of the time.

Am I really slow to come to this conclusion?


  • Only one problem with that. In a recent survey it was found that close to 50% of those poled said they would NEVER vote for Hillary.
  • I don't think you should really use polls as a real indicator of whats going on, as a lot of people can lie, the company in charge can alter the data or profile a certain type of people that they know what they will most probably answer, etc.
  • I honestly do not think Hilary will get the nomination. It will probably go to someone with little media coverage now. The popular people never win if only because people assume others will vote the candidate and don't vote but people who are going for an "underdog" will vote and that person will win.
  • I agree with many of the people here:  I really don't think  that Hilary will get the nomination.  She seems like Muskie in 72 - she has a ton of party support from the apparatus, but I don't think she's really all that popular.
    But IF she gets the nod, yeah, Obama will be the VP.
  • I definitely wouldn't vote for Hillary... well depending on my other options I might (lesser of two evils and all) but I really don't expect her to get the nomination.

    I really hope Al Gore decides to run again. Gore/Obama would be a great ticket, and it would definitely be a great way for Obama to get some experience.
  • On the radio Saturday morning Ed Koch was on (former Dem mayor of New York). When the subject of Bloomberg running came up he said he would have to think long and hard between voting for Bloomie or voting for Hillary. Granted Koch does work for Bloomie but, this leads me to believe that a Bloomberg third party candidacy would split the Democrat voters not the Republican voters.
  • I realize that Jason owes us 1 million dollars.
  • Nobody accepted the wager.
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