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GeekNights 070703 - Power Grid

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Tonight on GeekNights, we review Power Grid. In the news, Forza 2 players can't deal with shitcocking, and a store owner can't deal with the law.
Scott's Thing - A Goomba's Lifetime

Rym's Thing - The Hunger


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    I'm just going to say in response to your TotD, "DAMMIT, RYM!"
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    I just watched The Hunger. Man, that's pretty bad, but Black Out Kids is far worse.
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  • I just watchedThe Hunger.Man, that's pretty bad, butBlack Out Kidsis far worse.
    That was actually pretty good except for the fact that they couldn't sing for shit. They actually had a moderate amount of instrumental proficiency. The hunger is simply unpleasant in every possible fashion.
  • Oh god, The Hunger was possibly the worst thing ever.
  • The other side of the Forza 2 car has been shown : Here.
  • An interesting blog post about how Best Buy really wants to check your receipt.

    Here are some thoughts from an attorney.
  • A part of me just died from watching The Hunger. I'm now a sad panda. :(
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    It reminds me of this:

    Except this is meant to be funny...
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