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Episode 21 - GitS SAC 2 + Comics

edited December 2005 in Anime
Anyone out there watching the second gig? Also, got anything to say about the latest developments in the fansub department? Discuss anything else we talked about in tonight's podcast like comics and such.


  • 1. LOLCANO

    Seriously though, that Zelda commercial made me die. Both of you had VERY good things of the day. :)

    2. Shinsen subs - I do know that they were distributing all of Trinity Blood in a batch torrent. The catch is that on their site they have like, 3 or so trackers - a main one, a secondary one, and a backup. From visiting their site I do believe Trinity Blood was on the secondary one, and so they probably had the other series (like FMA) hidden away, not on their primary tracker. The C&D does make sense because they really were still distributing those licensed shows.

    This makes me wonder what will happen to other groups like Anime Kraze, which still distributes stuff like .hack and Gankutsuou and tons of others. The torrent collection sites like AnimeSuki and Tokyo Toshocon might be strict about keeping licensed shows off the torrent listings, but I think there are alot of individual fansub groups who aren't so consciencious about it.
  • AFAIK animesuki is really strict about keeping licensed stuff off the list and tokyotosho doesn't give a rat's ass. But I could be wrong.
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