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Pacific Media Expo?

edited July 2007 in Conventions
Is this thing worth attending? I couldn't make it to Anime Expo and I'd like to take my kid to an anime convention this year without having to travel too far. Anyone been to to Pacific Media Expo?



  • Never been, and never heard any testimonial. If you end up going, tell me how it was.
  • Is anybody else attending this this year?
  • I went two years ago. Very tiny con, fun for one day/afternoon, but not much more. Still enjoyed it a lot more than Anime LA(*shudder*). I may go this year again if it ends up being convenient for me.
  • Looking at the site... I gotta tell you, doesn't look really compelling.
  • Anyone going to the new Comikaze?
  • I might. I'm considering it. It looks pretty compelling to me.
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