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The Flamming Geek's Court Martial

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All right. This is the first time this issue has ever come up. As such, I would like some guidance from the forum at large.

Please vote (by posting) a Yea or a Nay (either publically or as a whisper to me). Feel free to discuss or comment after your vote.

This is not a democracy, and your votes are not binding to me. I merely want your input and opinions. I don't think we would ever ban someone without doing something like this. I'm sure over time we'll work out a formal process.


Shall The Flamming Geek's posting privilages be revoked?

I submit the following:
  • He has lied repeatedly.
  • He has ignored offers of amnesty.
  • He posts frequently, yet with little meaningful content.
  • He is generally annoying.
  • It is arguable that his posts are detrimental to the general discourse of the board.
Until judgement is made, his posting privilages have been reduced.


  • I don't want to sound like a dick here, but that's inevitable so I won't hold back.

    He definitly posts frequently with nothing meaningful ever. I'm convinced that he's not in Japan. He pisses me off. He changed his name to "Ban me", so I think we should give him what he wants. I say we give him 24 hours to prove himself before banning though.

    Hence, yea.

    /Slashy 1
    //Slashy 2
    ///Slashy 3
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    In the mean time, he's on my blocked list.

    EDIT: My eyes! The Block User button does nothing!
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  • Really? I'll look into that. He tried to change his name a moment ago, and I mussed around with the group permissions and such.
  • The 'block user' and 'block comment' buttons are very misleading, considering what they actually do. The block comment simply prevents HTML from being rendered in that one comment, and the block user prevents HTML from being rendered in any post by that user. So its only usefulness is if people post annoying html patterns all the time.
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    I will have to Vote Yea to giving The Flamming Geek the ban. I admit that I am new to the forums and that I am still getting my feet wet but sadly from what I have seen he has contributed very little in meaningful conversation and topics. It seems to me like he is nothing more than a bored 12 year old.

    -please forgive grammar errors. (edit: spelling error corrected by myself)
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  • Yea.

    The correct spelling of the word is "grammar".
  • I definitely am reminded of this type of forum user from my days when I was super moderating the forums.

    I say it's up to you, but usually these types of annoyances keep coming back one way or another..
  • In interest to keep the forums from being tainted from the pollution of the internet, I feel obliged to vote yea. We need to set precedent in matters like these in order to provide a platform within the fourm.
  • I want to be fair, but I like the level on conversation on this forum, so I vote yea.
  • I already voted, but I have more to say.

    I like the way this is going. I check the forums for new topics every half hour or so, starting after school. I got home yesterday and I look at the forums and was like 'woah!'. A bunch of new posts! Much to my dismay, they were all aimless comments made by our good friend the flammer.

    A good uninterupted flammmmmmwar would be good right about now. About something I give a crap about.
  • Personally, I don't think he should be banned just yet. He's probably one of those fanboys who just enjoy messing around a lot I have to admit that I don't like his spamming, but so far that's the only thing that's bothered me. I think that the lying is kind of funny (to a very small extent) sometimes, but that's the only quallity I've ever seen in him because we cal all tell he's lying.

    Here's my subjestion. Let him roam the forums however he wants to for the next two day. During those two days, if he ever lies, spams, or does anything that is unexceptible, then at the end of those two days, have a punishment like he can only post up to 15 characters if he lies once or he can only post up to 10 characters for lying twice for 2 days and ban him if he continues to spam after that. (not sure if the forum can do such a thing...)
  • I vote yea because of all of the things Rym mentioned.
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    I'm in favor of banning him, but we should also try to avoid this course of action as much as possible. We want to foster an environment of intelligent discussion, so some level of idiocy shouldn't be tolerated, but we also shouldn't become too draconian in our measures.

    But yeah. Bannification. Yea.
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  • Hey, go ahead and ban the guy. I banned two people from our forums last week and it gives you this great feeling of absolute power!
  • Bring out The Banhammer! It thirsts for asshat blood!
  • I would prefer to see this community remain open and forthright wherever possible. To that end, I vote "Nay" for now. While I basically agree with all of Rym's points, it's a significant jump from general exposure to ridicule and banning. Handing out consequences like this is for the good of the forums, but it should be understood by everyone involved what the conditions for being banned are - this is the first time it's been done, after all.

    Make it clear to flamming what the expectations are, in a way that preserves them as guidelines for future newcomers (a stickied "rules of the forum" thread, perhaps?). If he doesn't clean up his act after that, proceed with bannification.
  • Banning him is not like killing him. He'll find a new home in some other forum. Go ahead, its your forum.

    On ther other hand, if you decide to keep him around, I wouldn't mind. We'll just ridicule him until he leaves.

    Hope this helps.
  • I just got the most awesome idea I've had in the last two minutes!!! Ban his current IP and tell him that he can post again once he moves to Japan since he'll have a new IP there. Trace his IP to Japan and all that and then unban him if he does post from Japan. How does that sound?
  • Kami, it won't solve the problem of him being annoying.
  • True, but it may be able to prove that he doesn't lie about everything. Just 95% of the time. Even so, we can still ban him and all when he gets annoying again.
  • I think the case is clear. I'll note that, before this took place, I warned him privately that I would ban him if it continued, so he was fully aware of the possible consequences of his actions.

    Over time, I suppose we'll codify the rules for banning, but for now I'm content with a common law system that will evolve as things progress. Anyone targetted for it will be warned well in advance, and in general I don't forsee this becoming a common occurrence.

    Thus, the verdict:

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