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What cons do any/all of you attend?


  • Otakon is, sadly, all I can afford. Plus nothing else is that close to Baltimore.
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    Otakon is, sadly, all I can afford. Plus nothing else is that close to Baltimore.
    That's cool. If you can't attend the rest, at least you attend the best! I'm surprised you don't go to Botcon though, being all into transformers and such.
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  • Dude, our crew went to our first Otakon with barely enough money to pay for the gas home. I didn't even have money myself for food: a few kind souls shared their water chestnuts and pockey with me.

    You certainly picked the best con to hit if you can only hit one.
  • There's a lot of dissatisfaction in the Transformers fan community with the official convention. Ever since the new management took over Botcon 's been held in late September and that irks most of the regular TF convention goers. This year I'm going to the fan run Transformers convention Iacon One. It's held in summer which makes it more accessible and it's in a location more central to the fandom.

    Fan run TF conventions have been popping up like weeds over the last few years , I think because of the official convention's inability to meet the needs of the widespread and growing TF fandom. That's something that's discussed at length on TF message boards and it's not really the focus of this thread.

    As for my own convention going, I tend to favor Anime Expo over Otakon but only because another smaller convention, MacrossWorldCon, is usually held the same weekend as AX and I have relatives in Los Angeles. So I get my Macross fix and I have a free place to stay.

    I've been to both Otakon and AnimeExpo and don't really have a preference. In fact, I have a better time at the waaay smaller TF conventions that usually only draw 1,000 to 1,500 people. It seems to me the mega conventions are just large gatherings of people that have fewer things in common while smaller conventions tend to be focused more on a particular fandom or aspect of a fandom. So I meet more of the people I have lots in common with at smaller, specifically themed conventions. Not that the mega conventions are a bad thing. In a way they function as gatherings for multiple fandoms not large enough to sustain their own conventions.

  • I would love to go to Bot-Con but it is always held in weird locations. This year it's in Lexington, KY. That is the closest place to me that it's ever been held, but I'm still not going out of spite. I just can't stand the way the thing has been run (plus the con-only figures have been total crap).

    Rym/Scott - When you guys are down for Otakon let me know if you need anything since I live in the area.
  • Actually, I've found that I find more people with common interests at the larger "mega" conventions like Otakon. We usually end up with a huge entourage and large numbers of new friends or groups with whom to hang out.

    Of course, that may be due largely to the fact that we're really a part of a great many fandoms. Odds are, almost anyone we meet at Otakon has at least a few common interests. If anything, we have -more- trouble finding people to jive with at more specialized cons.

    And Baltmatrix, we'll definitely hook at at Otakon. Thanks for the offer, though I can tell ya that we already have three hotel rooms and a fairly involved planning process for attending. (Last year we attended with 13 in our rooms and another 20 or so staying elsewhere). We usually roll into town around noon on Thursday, so we could definitely put together a party or something.
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