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Mushishi the manga is already scanslated (at least the first 4 chapters). Everything you guys have mentioned are in the manga, except for the mud monster and coat, I think.

Here's a link to the torrent. Just scroll down the list.


  • It's going to be on sale in the store real soon. I'll just buy it.
  • This will sound strange, but I consider the mud-monster to be pure fanservice.
  • There are very few moments of humour in the show, and even fewer where Ginko is involved in anything that could be called funny. That single episode had multiple gags, and that one scene was extremely atypical of the show in general. It was an almost jarring break from what you expected, yet it was welcome and funny. Most importantly, the scene had no actual importance to the show, and could have been removed completely without losing anything beyond the gag itself.
  • It looks like Mushishi is not actually over with episode 20. From what I can tell, that was the end of the TV broadcast, but there are 6 more episodes in production that will be released starting next month.

    AnimeNewsNetwork has the title of ep21, and lists the series as 26 episodes long. And here's the statement from one of the fansubber groups.

    This pleases me.
  • Mushishi: The Live Action Movie.
    Revolver Group have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of Mushishi on 3rd March 2008 priced at £15.99. From the acclaimed director of ‘Akira’ and ‘Steamboy’, Katsuhiro Otomo and adapted from a hugely successful manga novel, ‘Mushishi’ transports us into a visually mesmerizing, darkly disturbing, fantastical world.

    Ginko is a mushishi (a bug master) a gifted healer who expertly manipulates the mushi, small, supernatural bugs, in touch with the essence of life and death. Whilst travelling through pre-modern Japan he meets the beautiful Tanyu, a crippled bugmaster who records the history of the mushi by locking them into scrolls.

    When the mushi escape Tanyu’s scrolls and attack her, Ginko must save Tanyu and at the same time rescue the traces of a vanishing age.

    Features are TBC.
    That, does not sound good.
  • Meh, I tried watching Mushishi but it was incredibly boring and slow. Worst of all, its not serial and I can't stand episodic animes.
  • Meh, I tried watching Mushishi but it was incredibly boring and slow. Worst of all, its not serial and I can't stand episodic animes.
    So Cowboy Bebop bores you?
  • If you're looking for action, Mushishi is the wrong show for you. It's about a doctor, and not a bad ass doctor like Black Jack, but just a regular doctor who goes around helping people out.
  • I can't wait to finish this series. I really enjoy pretty much everything about it so far.
  • I caught it on fansubs and I loved it. I'll probably buy it on DVD when it comes out.
  • I just got done reading the first volume. It was definitely awesome. I'll probably get the rest. As for the DVDs, I'll probably netflix them.
  • Recently, I was watching Eureka 7 through Netflix. When I finally got to volume 12, something horrible happened. For some reason they no longer had the DVDs! I pray no other series gets affected by this strange turn of events. I would gladly Netfilx Mushishi, but I'm weary of Netflix now.
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