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Anime Sale

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I just picked up the EVA Platinum Collection and one of the Slayers movies. Azu Manga Daioh is also dirt cheap. ^_^


  • Anyone seen Elfin Lied? If so...any good?
  • Oh, you got the eva platinum collection? Good, now I don't have to buy it.
  • Didn't you say you were going to buy the AzuManga box at one point?
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    EDIT: After looking at the whole sale I think what I am mostly likely to buy is all of Steam Detectives for $30. ADV has had big sales before, but this is by far the biggest yet. Almost every anime they own is on sale in a cheap box set or individual DVDs. Also, the first volume of the Ray manga is on sale. I highly recommend it.
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  • Elfin Lied for 72 bucks still isn't a good price I'm sure you could go to some other dvd site and get it for cheaper. Elfin Lied is an ok show. The story is average, and ending isn't that great. I guess mostly due to the fact the manga wasn't done when the ending for the anime was done, but it is action pack though I can't even count how many heads came popping off or limbs rip off. Its adv so you know there going to come out with a slim pack in a little while. Where I'm sure on a dvd website there going to have it for about 50 bucks or so. If you do buy it though don't forget to get the box because the art for this show really is cool.
  • Just stick to imports guys. You can get both English subtitles and English dubbed versions in NTSC region free in the origonal American DVD form with the exception of the menus reworked to support double to triple the number of episodes per DVD. Take this site for example:
  • Ah, by "imports" you mean "Hong Kong bootlegs"?

    Let's be honest here, at least.
  • Well, I can tell you right now that I'm not sure if the imported DVDs I bought, like the Neon Genesis Evangelion Perfect collection + both movies is made by the same people who made the demestic American version (like it says on the box), but I do know that the video quality, sound quality, and everything else execpt the menus is identical to the American version. Basically, I got all 26 episodes and the first two movies for $40 brand new and everything is excactly the same quality as the American version.
  • The american printing of Eva Perfect collection was only $56 at Best Buy. Sounds to me like someone in Hong Kong bought the american version and copied the DVDs in a giant DVD copier. They then sold you the copies for $40. Buying from HK is bad, don't do it.
  • Well, I bought it over a year before the platinum edittion came to America, so at the time I got everything there was of Neon Genesis Evangelion (excluding the third movie) for $40 instead of BestBuy's price which was some where over $120 then.
  • I found that I could get the same items at the same price at any time at

    I believe that this is a legitimate place only because it was recommended by
  • I don't see it for the same price there. The only thing I see close to that is the starter set thing that gives you the box and the first DVD.

    The point is it's cheaper to do it this way and everything I've ever bought from any import site is legitimate (though I haven't used the one I linked earlier, mainly because I haven't bought anything for a year and my old sites have either changed or disapeared). Any import place I've ever gone to always has a 26 episode series selling for anywhere between $20 and $40 and it's always identical to the American version (if it's already come out) except you don't always get all the special features and the menus are usually different.
  • "...and everything I've ever bought from any import is legitimate..."
    "...except you don't always get all the special features and the menus are usually different..."

    The last two are very good signs that what you have is not a legitimate release. As is having a 26-episode series on two or three discs. This has nothing, in and of itself, to do with the quality of them (I've seen some pretty atrocious HK releases, as well as perfectly fine DVD rips).

    I'd say that if you're going to give someone money for content, you shouldn't be giving it to people who stole the content in the first place. If you don't feel the same, that's your concern, but at least recognize what you're dealing with.
  • ...and my old sites have either changed or disapeared
    Another sign that the store might not be as legitimate as you think.
  • Well, it still looks to me that it's legitimate, though I haven't checked with the companies if they made another version that may currently be selling to both Europe and Australia, which would explain the region free encoding. I really doubt that if people were ripping the content would still have all the same logos and advertisments supporting the people who translated it in America since they'd make more money just giving it thier own company name and selling it from their copywrite-less country.
  • They dont' have a company name. They're illegal Hong Kong bootleggers. The reason they leave the american company logos is twofold. First, they are directly copying the american DVD onto a blank DVD. Logos and all get copied along with that. Two, they fool people into thinking it's legitimate when it is actually a bootleg. If it's region free it is 100% bootleg. American companies only make Region 1 DVDs for the US. There are other companies that release Australian DVDs, and other companies that make European DVDs.. Bootleggers aren't companies. They are just a bunch of guys with DVD burners in Southeast Asia.
  • Sorry to be confusing. The site that I mentioned has the same prices as the ones in the ADVfilms sale. Even free shipping.
  • Region 0 is the surest sign of bootlegging. There are very few legitimate publishers of commercial content in the world who use region 0, and such use is severely frowned upon by the industry in general.

    Anime in particular is extremely unlikely to use region 0. The Japanese publishers are afraid of re-importing, and the US publishers are afraid of piracy. If it's region 0, it's almost certain to be illegitimate.
  • Ha ha! Kami's a pirate and doesn't even know it! Arr!
  • Well, at least I don't burninate pesants.
  • Nope, no peasant burninating. Just DVD burninating.
  • I'm not entirely sure about that. I've bought a DVD from Amazon UK that was region 0, and I don't think Amazon is a front for crazy pirates. I think some companies that produce DVD's that no one else does do it.
  • You can often find HK DVDs on Amazon.
  • Ah. in this case then, I don't care. The DVD is available nowhere else. I had looked. This movie was not in any other format in DVD.

    Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, for those who are wondering.
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