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The Rights of Children



  • I say we let em' all loose and let the weak weed themselves out . . .
    Battle Royal style.
  • 6. If a kid wants to go somewhere without trespassing, they can go. If they have their own money to say, buy a plane ticket to visit Disney World, they should not need anyone's permission to go. If your kid wants to walk down the street to the grocery, you can't forcibly prevent them from going.

    7. If a 16 year old buys a cellphone with their own money, a teacher can confiscate it and never give it back. If your kid bought a DS with their own money, parents can take it away from them and not give it back. This doesn't sound like right to property to me.
    Scott, you're a hero to kids 'round the world.

    I wish I had freedom to travel. I have about $900 saved up, and I really want to see a band concert with my friends. We'd have to fly and split the money for the hotel. We have enough money, but our parents won't let us go, simply because they don't think we'd be safe. I can understand, but is this a lack in trust of us as children, or as people? Why would we be safer with our parents than by ourselves? It's not like we're going to wander around dark allies or walk around at night.

    My parents have threatened to take away my ipod that I bought with my own money. They say I listen to music too much. They think I should be talking to them instead. Is this their call to make? I think not.
  • I agree with what Scott has said regarding this. The only thing I would add is the following:

    If an individual is considered to be an adult, and can enlist in the military and vote, then they should be able to smoke and drink. I think the staggered age limits for alcohol and tobacco are ridiculous. Granted most states have the smoking age of 18, but not all.
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