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Is this legit?

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Saw this on Ebay:

While I really want to buy this, something just seems kind of fishy. I thought I'd enquire here in the hopes that someone else know if this is a legit. product or not.


  • Hrmm, it does seem a little to good to be true, though the fact that it's region one, makes me think it might be real, though normally the best way to check is looking at the back of the box and seeing if there's any typos in it. But that's just what I've found.

    (Also I call bullshit on how much he's charging for shipping to Canada!)
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    Looking at the seller, he's selling a LOT of complete series, and no single DVDs, at very cheap prices.  Furthermore, it seems like most of the items have very high episode count per DVD - often 8 or 9.  Based on that i would say it's probably bootleg.  but I don't really know shit about bootlegs compared to some people so...
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  • Don't think it can be legitimate. There is no box set available; Had a look around and the predicted price for that would be over $200.
  • Completely bootleg.

    The cover claims "TV Series & Movie". The Gunadm SEED movie is still in production. The TV series box set is also 10 discs, not 6.
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    Well, I can't say I'm surprised. As the saying goes, if it's too good to be true... Anyway, thanks for the input.
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  • 8 episodes per disc.. of course it is a bootleg.
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    Not only is it legit, ITS TOO LEGIT TO QUIT!

    Dunno, Amazon sells Gundam Seed in a 6 DVD set
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  • It is either a bootleg or the compresion is gonna be as horrible as the new astroboy series :(
    Also get G Gundam , it is more manly :P
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    Amazon isn't selling that, 3 shady sellers are.
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  • My bad, didn't really check for the sellers, I just really wanted to make the MC Hammer reference.
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