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Pet Peeves

What are yours?

Mine are: mispronounciations; resizing an image by using horizontal then vertical rather than diagonal; when people try to show a font by just declaring it, not knowing the person has to have the font installed, especially in IMs; claymore mines in Battlefield 2 (those fucking things blow up from a mile away); the current usage of the words "sketchy" and "grimey"; the sound of anyone's voice when I'm half asleep; and..... retainers.


  • Mispronounciations really get my goose. I know one guy who constantly fails to pronounce words properly. What's worse, he's passing it on to others around him. Like a freakin' venereal disease. GRRR!
  • I haven't played Battlefield 2, so I may be mistaken in making this guess, but could the reason why the claymore mines have such an apparently long range be due to the game calculating the descent as well as the ascent of the ball bearings?
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    My spanish teacher drives me crazy with the word "mature", a word often mispronounced. And my English teacher told us that Oedipus is pronounced "e-da-piss" and not "ed-uh-piss" yet I have never heard of that in my life. Anyone willing to shed some light?

    The long range mentioned about claymores is when I run clearly not over it, and i blow up. A good 2 meters.
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    It appears that both pronunciations can be used.

    Claymore mines are designed to have a kill zone for some distance in front of the mine. 2 meters sounds about right, as the real thing has a killzone up to 20-30 meters, with an effective range of 100 meters and a maximum range of 250 meters. The detonation of an uncontrolled (booby-trap) mode claymore can be triggered by a variety of sensors, including but not limited to, tripwires, pressure switches, infrared sensors, and vibration sensors.
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  • If you look up mature you can also see that there are both prnounciations. That is because dictionaries just tell you about the popular usages, not the definitve "right". My english teacher talked about the arrangments of letters in the name for that language to be, and only be, "ee-da-piss". Somethin about the E kicking the O's ass, or at least thats what I heard.
  • People pronouncing things differently than I do, segfaults, dogs that jump all over me, people talking about MySpace, windows bloatedness making perfectly good hardware obsolete.
  • I don't have a problem with people pronouncing things differently, I only care when it's clearly inaccurate (doesn't mesh with the spelling of the word) AND they've been corrected a few times. "Nucular", for example, irritates me no end.
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  • Mispronunciations and misspellings of words is one pet peeve of mine. Why can't people spend the miniscule amounts of mental effort required to fix their pronunciation or spelling of words? Why continue to perpetuate a mistake? For spite's sake? Then for spite's sake I spit at thee, at your callous disregard for the correct usage of the English language.
  • -Cops not using their turn signals
    -People who do not use proper restaurant dining etiquette
    -Mispronouncing "Pico De Gallo" as Pico De Gall e o when it should be pronounced Pico De Guy Yo
    -People who use a calculator for everything
  • Hey now don't diss the calculator kiddies, 7s and 6s are hard numbers to multiple/add. =(
  • Other pet peeves:
    - The Japanese People
    - Korean agitators
    - Chinese agitators
    - Phillipino agitators
    - People who fool around with weapons incorrectly
    - The Japanese Imperial High Command during WW2
    - Nepalese Maoist rebels
    - Incorrect bolding of words in American comics
    - Nepal (what is wrong with you?)
    - Damn punk kids who egg cars
    - Damn punk kids who whine about their troubled life
    - Damn punk kids in general
    - Mao
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    Some of mine:
    -People pulling the racism/sexism card for something little and stupid
    -The general media (sans the daily show)
    -BGE (Baltimore Gas and Electric) for their 72% energy rate hike
    -Users who demand something be installed right away and when I hurry to fill their requests they "don't have time" to let me install the damn thing they wanted (this is a work thing)
    -Sales guys/gals at work who think that if they use their "sales abilities" they can get me to do something for them faster.
    -My inability to grasp language.
    -Jelly Belly Jelly Beans (why god why are they so addictive)
    -Religion (and how it corrupts)
    -My company's NY sales office
    -The summer heat
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  • more of mine:
    - Getting ignored.
    - Annoying kids I igno-
    - PSP firmware 2.01.
    - Irrationality of my peers when I want to do something outrageously in their favor.
    - My DS.
    - The shift key. God damn it I hate you!
    - Buying lighters at the gas station and getting looks/questions (just to play with fire).
    - PSP breaking easily.
    - PSP's many faults.
    - People who own a PSP and think they own because of it.
    - People who hate Nintendo for no damn reason other than "It's nothing but kids games".
    - Not having too much of a life.
    - My slow ass DSL, 1.3 Megabits per second. (And we're definitely paying for at least 3.0)
    - My spanish teacher, like everyone else in my school. (She's so completely full of herself, when everybody fails a test she thinks there's no way she could have taught it wrong and that we all must have just not studied to spite her).
    - My english teacher's ego. (He thinkgs parents and kids can have children with no possible deformities becuase "they have the exact same genes". Both are fucking wrong.)
  • Even more pet peeves:
    - Stupidity
    - Idiocy
    - Foolishness
    - Arrogance and pomp from those that are not at the top of their field of study or expertise
    - Arrogance and pomp from those that are at the top of their field of study or expertise
    - Lynchings
    - The Japanese People (there are so many things that I hate about them, that I think they should be listed twice)
    - Human's desire to quickly find a scapegoat, rather than accepting the truth that they have made horrendous mistakes
    - Looting
    - The Japanese People (yes, a third time)
    - Rioting (Different from a resistance movement; a resistance movement is organized while a riot is not)
    - Damn rioters protesting the evils of megacorporations and national leaders while only attacking the easily targeted low-level worker or locale of the riot
    - The unwillingness of people to accept the reality of war and its aftermath
    - The Japanese People (yep, still going)
    - The inability of the United Nations to be an effective world power
    - Terrorists (because they are not capable of bringing themselves to truly cross the line in the sand)
    - The inability of nations to follow the simple guidelines outlined in the great work of human compassion, Sun Tzu's Art of War
  • I think I have one more pet peeve:
    - Katsu
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    Gross mispronunciations and misspellings of words bother me to no end. Also, the misuse of words is endlessly bothersome; particularly, I am greatly perturbed by colloquial misuses of scientific terminology.

    A few more:
    -people who think they know exactly what they're talking about, but really don't, and won't admit it
    -persuant to the above, people who hold misconceptions about a scientific principle about which they have no knowledge, and won't admit it
    -people who fall into either of the above two categories and think I'm arrogant for telling them that they're wrong and correcting them
    -modern-day "hardcore" music that in no way, shape, or form resembles the actual genre of hardcore from whence it came
    -any band that tries to differentiate itself by coming up with some incredibly inane sub-genre
    -anyone that only listens to a subgenre of a subgenre of music, i.e., people who only listen to "southern sludgecore" as opposed to "sludge metal"

    - Hardcore dancing

    More to come.
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    -Emo, as a genre of music
    -Emo, as a descriptor for music
    -Emo, as a subculture for teenagers
    -Emo kids
    -Otherwise good bands that go emo
    -Pop emo bands that made shitty pop rock, and then threw the shittiness of emo on top of that, thus creating a vortex of shit
    -Misuse of the term "emo" to describe bands who write songs that deal with serious topics
    -Emo bands that write songs discussing serious topics in a prentious, mainstream fashion
    -The bastardization of music once it enters the mainstream
    -Anybody that thinks Green Day is now, or ever was, punk
    -Anybody who thinks that punk, or its derivative hardcore, still exists in almost any form
    -Mainstream metal bands who try to be "extreme," even though they wouldn't know "extreme" if every member of Cannibal Corpse took turns sodomizing them with a meathook
    -Anybody that says "Cannibal Corpse sold out" and takes that statement seriously
    -Anybody that says that any band, besides Kiss, sold out
    -MTV, MTV2, and VH1
    -15 year old kids who think they're actually punks and not just poseurs
    -15 year old kids who think they're anarchists
    -15 year old suburban priveleged white kids who can't find anything better to do than whine about how priveleged they are
    -15 year old urban white kids who think that by emulating BET they'll be cool
    -15 year old urban black kids who think that BET is a perfectly accurate reflection of what black culture is and should be
    -15 year old angsty psuedo-goth girls who write terrible poetry, draw terrible fantasy art, and do nothing but whine about their hollow, vapid lives on Livejournal/Xanga/MySpace
    -15 year old kids that pretend to be angsty because it's the cool thing to do
    -Anyone that's still a goth and means it
    -H.I.M., for taking otherwise good metal musicians and making them goth
    -Lacuna Coil, for the same reason
    -Anyone who thinks that a genre of music must always have a particular fashion attached to it
    -Pretentious shitheads who listen to classical music exclusively, because they think it makes them sophisticated
    -Anyone who ceases listenting to a band once other people start liking them, claiming that they "sold out"
    -Anybody that can't tolerate a band trying something different
    -Bands that try different things because it's the thing to do
    -Lazy state employees that waste taxpayer dollars browsing the web rather than working
    -Pretentious ironic jokes insterted into the middle of a long forum post
    -"Evolution is just a theory"
    -Pesky felony aggravated assault laws that are applied upon my hearing of the above phrase
    -Otherwise rational human beings who believe in perhaps one or two bits of hokey mystical bullshit
    -Anyone who tries to pawn off their pseudoscience bullshit as being scientifically valid
    -Anyone who adheres strictly to some asinine dogma
    -Anyone who falls into the above category and wants to hold you to their asinine dogma, even though you don't believe it
    -Anyone who generally forces any of their beliefs onto other people
    -Politicians in charge of our country that've read 1984 and missed the point
    -The Green Party
    -Anyone that thinks you have to hold to a political party for your opinion to be valid
    -People that vote a straight party ticket
    -Anyone that thinks that voting for a third party in the US will actually accomplish anything, ever
    -That voting for a third party in the US is, in fact, throwing your vote away
    -Michael Moore
    -Al Franken
    -Anne Coulter
    -Sean Hannity
    -Bill O'Reiley
    -Rush Limbaugh
    -Fox News
    -Capitol Hill Blue
    -Family Guy, at least recently, for once being funny and now being self-referential crap
    -The Fox Network, for killing every single good show it's ever had, and instead emphasizing more American Idol
    -Excessively apologetic people
    -People who think their actions have no ramifications
    -Drunk people
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  • TheWhaleShark: I agree with most of those things... except the 15 year olds one seeing as I'm 15.
  • -H.I.M., for taking otherwise good metal musicians and making them goth
    I remember those guys! When I went to Israel in the summer of 2000 all of the Israeli kids were big fans of them. The US kids had never heard of the band. The music didn't really turn me on.
  • It shouldn't, because it's fairly terrible. Stupid goths fucking things up.

    If you see someone wearing a T-shirt with this symbol (the heartagram) -
    - then that person is an idiot and deserves to be hit.
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    Motherfuckers who speed up JUST to cut me off whenever I put on my blinker to change lanes.
    Radical (insert religon here)
    People who don't use their goddamned turn signals.
    People who are willfully ignorant.
    Anything or anything that has anything to do with Fox News.
    People who continue to lie to my face after I've made it known that I know they're lieing.
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  • More:

    -Sports players and their inability to form a coherent sentence.
    -Cartoon Network's policy of not even giving a show a chance to find an audience.
    -Sony's smug attitude about the PS3
    -People talking on those stupid walkie-talkie cell phone. I DON"T CARE IF YOU DON'T LIKE THE GUY YOUR SISTER IS DATING! STFU!
    -Cell phone contracts
    -2 tiered internet
    -Fucking politicians, they don't fucking care about us. All they want is more money in their pockets.
    -The Crusade against games and their effect on kids
    -Sukey fighting games
    -Madden (I fucking hate this game)
    -People who turn but never bother to signal
    -People who thing that the road's emergency shoulder is an extra lane
    -People who drive their SUVs like they are a sports car
    -American auto makers and their inability to make a decent car.
    -Bugs. I fucking hate bugs.
    -The SIMS
  • I completely agree with everything TheWhaleShark said, because I AM 15 and hate watching and having to listen to those people.
    Barking dogs
    People thinking that Bill Gates invented the internet(It's scary how stupid people are sometimes)
  • Trogdor when people say they hate something, or just dislike it, it almost always has exceptions. Like I hate goth's and emo kids unless its a hot girl who thinks she's ugly. That's the one thing I like about emo music, give a shallow compliment to an emo girl and they're all over you. It really sucks when your friends get caught up in an emo girl and see them go through the same things you have years back but they're too stubborn to realize their puppylove.

    Emo is good for getting action, bad for real relationships.

    More to my list:
    - Gross assumptions
    - Inability to say sorry
    - FM Radio
    - "Intranet" referances
    - DHL
    - My extreme laziness
    - People who say the same fucking jokes all the fucking time
    - People who laugh at their own jokes as they are saying them, especially when the jokes aren't funny to begin with!
    - New rules at cybercamp and the communist counselors that we keep getting. (Well, one was just socialist but it still sucked.)
    - Kids whos parents wont pay for anything recreational and they bitch about it constantly. (One kid who doesn't shut up about his class ring asks me about computers and if i mention any new product he, of course, bitches he cant afford something I didn't reccomend he buy.)
    - People who swear all the time, for the sake of swear and not to show actual emotion.
    - Spelling letters (eff, el, oh, tee; f l o t)
    - Everyone at my school talking in Leet AND thinking its called "Pro".
    - Emo anything.
    - People with a Jesus Complex (spanish teacher again)
    - People who are too caught up in being assholes they can't tell what's a relevent/running joke and what's just nonsense.
    - Assumptions in any social sense.
  • More:
    -The plastic that products come wrapped in that takes a fucking chainsaw to open
    -Calls that come up "Restricted" on my caller ID
    -Non-smokers who bitch about smokers smoking outside
    -Non-smokers who bitch to me, their server, about our restaurant having a smoking section. "Your sitting in the non-smoking section, a hundred feet from the smoking section, you fucking knob."
    -Any advertisement whatsoever
    -People who write a web address on a website but won't take the time to insert the relevant HTML code to make it clickable
    -NASCAR and the morons that collect its memorabilia
    -Adults that chew with their mouth open. "Come on, you had 18 years to practice!"
    -Little kids that pester me at work and their parents who think its cute or aren't even paying attention at all
    -People who order a well done steak or grilled chicken and expect it to be ready in under five minutes
    -People who come to a seafood restaurant alone and order a burger or chicken

    Sorry for all the restaurant peeves. My job is annoying.
  • - New rules at cybercamp and the communist counselors that we keep getting. (Well, one was just socialist but it still sucked.)

    Yeah, they just keep sucking. I'm not even going this year. Don't need it. They pushed me over the edge when they announced that one of the games was going to be an MMO: Guild Wars. I played a demo of it and almost died of boredom.

    What "new rules" are you talking about?
  • It's not "New Rules" per-se, just more enforced, following HQ guidlines kind of things. Like I suggest we play that card game Scott introduced to us called... "Mafia", I think, and they said we shouldn't play it because it's not an official game for the camp to play. That game kicked ass!
  • Ah, yes. Damnit. Stupid HQ. in Seattle. Damnit.
  • Also, I am endlessly bothered by Ayn Rand and anyone who professes her philosophy.

    Couple that with anyone that's ever used "Kafka-esque" and meant it.
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