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Legit Anime Merch Places

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I'm looking online for some anime merch that I can pick up but I don't know what places to go to, and what places to avoid?
Any suggestions?
I need some Utena Chu Chu merchandise. Seeing that little mother fucker on a skateboard made me scream like a girl.

I mean..


  • The only one I really know of is this Australian one: Tamarket. They take international orders and it's all totally legit stuff. Also expensive. I don't know how their payment system is as I've never bought things from the site.

    There's also Nippon-export, apparently based in Japan and therefore legit. Mostly good for books. Hobbylink is probably also pretty good? I have a friend who swears by them.

    Otherwise, Ebay is pretty good if you know what you're doing.
  • I've never e-bayed... I am afraid, people always say "if you know what you're doing".
    Thanks. =)
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    Oh I used to be a big Ebayer back when I first got into Utena, and would get almost everything and anythign Utena related. I bought a bunch of trading/collectible cards. I'm pretty sure I have some spares. If you're interested, let me know! ^_^
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  • I'm not so much in to cards anymore, sadly, otherwise I'd be all over it. I used to be a huge card collector - I even got ol' Mum in to collecting the Pokemans.
  • Hobby Link Japan

    it is a tad pricy but it is all legit but since it comes straight from Japan the cost is maddening.
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    I've never e-bayed... I am afraid, people always say "if you know what you're doing"

    It's really not hard. Just try to make sure the seller has a feedback of at least, say, 95% and check what kind of negative feedback they get (if it's obviously from people that are dumb as bricks and didn't read item descriptions or ask the unreasonable, then no worries!). Don't buy from Hong Kong (look for listings that look like an unwanted gift or impulse buy). Always check the postage cost to your destination before bidding - especially if the "price" looks way too good. Stock pictures of the item are a bit suspicious. It's mostly all common sense. :D
    Hobby Link Japan
    I've been considering getting one of those snazzy new HMM liger zoids from there. I'm not an enormous fan of Zoids but I've always wanted by own robot kitty. :B
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