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Astro Boy

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Scrym was talking about Astro Boy on Adult Swim Video.

AS actually started airing it a couple of weeks ago from the first episode (Astro's origin). I've been keeping up and I personally love it, even for the goofy animation, which has a Fleischer-esque feel to it.

If you can't watch it on AS Video (only certain people can access it), you can watch it on TV on Saturdays at 2AM & 5:30AM.


  • Nice timeslots. Oh well, that's why FSM invented TiVo.
  • If you have money I would recommend to buy the dvd, by the way how is the audio on the adult swim episode?
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    Interesting to see the 1960s Astro. The 1960s deluxe box sets have been released here (in Australia) actually but they are damned expensive. I have the 1980s Astroboy deluxe collection though and it is quality. :D Animation's still a bit dodgy, though not so bad. The character Atlas totally makes up for it. And Livian. Omg I love those two so much. :B
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